4 non-contractors left ‘left on the plane’, the threshold lowered as much as possible → the possibility of finding an additional prescription solution


2023 has already been a month. Anxiety prevails over hope.

Four uncontracted free agents who have not decided where to go are pitchers Jeong Chan-heon (33), Kang Ri-ho (before renaming Kang Yun-gu, 33), and outfielders Kwon Hee-dong (33) and Lee Myeong-gi (36). In the lukewarm market atmosphere, each club left for overseas campsites one after another. A total of 9 clubs boarded the planes on the 29th and 30th. The Lotte team is scheduled to depart for the last time on the first day of February.

As the clubs all went abroad, the ‘FA missing child’ situation that they were concerned about is coming to reality.

Even after leaving the camp, the door to the contract remains open. But there is no immediate hope.

Most teams have completed their plans for this season. The early days of camp are a time to align hands and feet. Whether or not additional strength will be reinforced will only be revealed in the second half of the camp, when the team enters practice matches. Until the start of the season, you may have to fight for a long time in anxiety about ‘Mia’.

Prolonged drift. The original team is also a burden.

NC and Kiwoom lowered the threshold as much as possible for two B-class players, Kwon Hee-dong and Jeong Chan-heon.

Regarding the transfer of Kwon Hee-dong, NC approached the sign-and-trade early with an open mind. Kiwoom, who was stubborn, also joined. We opened up the possibility of signing and trading Jeong Chan-heon.

Lee Myung-gi and Kang Ri-ho are grade C, which does not require player compensation. In the end, for all players, the original team removed the stumbling block as much as possible.

But the eyeball market is still there. This is because there is no competition in the demand market.

Even the club he is interested in is looking at it as a ‘good player to have’. As a result, he does not actively rush to create the most advantageous situation. The longer it lasts, the more impatient it is because it is the player and the original team. 스포츠토토

Is there any possibility of finding a solution through additional prescriptions? It is unclear at present.

In the case of two B-class players, the demand team will try to lead the compensation direction as desired, but the original team cannot concede everything.

There is a high possibility that Jung Chan-heon, who earned 280 million won in the previous year, will receive cash compensation, and Kwon Hee-dong, who earned 110 million won, will be compensated as a player. If microscopic adjustments are made, a dramatic agreement can be reached.

A C-class player doesn’t even have room for coordination. Anyway, as stipulated by the rules, you have to take them away with a monetary compensation. Even if there is a team that will take you if there is no financial reward, you cannot give up that. The team that recruited Lee Myung-gi, who received an annual salary of 175 million won last year, must compensate NC with 150%, or 262.5 million won. The Kang Ri-ho recruiting team, which received 73 million won last year, must compensate Lotte for 109.5 million won.

Four uncontracted players who are trembling in the worst case scenario of FA miara. Could the new February be a month of hope for them?

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