A large number of the injured returned + caught Anyang and won two consecutive games… ‘Excited mercenary skills’ With Choi Chul-woo, the Magpie Corps is ‘ready for emergency’


A meaningful day, a pleasant two-game winning streak. A full-fledged emergency for magpies is expected.

Seongnam FC defeated FC Anyang 3-1 in the 17th round of the “Hana Bank K League 2 2024” held at Tancheon Stadium at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday. Seongnam ranked 10th with 19 points.

The game was to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Seongnam’s foundation. Seongnam had a match against Anyang in a special yellow jersey through collaboration with Ilhwa Co., Ltd., a sponsor of Seongnam Ilhwa, and Umbro, the club’s uniform brand. Anyang is a leading team in the K-League 2, which was a huge challenge to Seongnam. Seongnam, which ended its losing streak by beating the Ansan Greeners, even grabbed Anyang.

In addition to the result, the team displayed positive performance. Following the match against Ansan, Shin also contributed to the game against Anyang. He contributed to the opening goal by contributing to Jang Hyo-joon’s score in the 29th minute of the first half. Afterwards, Anyang continued to make onslaught. Although Kim Dong-jin lost a point in the seventh minute of the second half, Choi Pil-soo made an exciting defense. Anyang’s effective shot in this game was in the ninth inning, and Choi made a whopping eight good saves.

Coach Choi Chul-woo’s replacement card hit the spot. Park Ji-won, who was substituted, scored a goal in the 14th minute of the second half and helped Kim Jung-hwan, who was substituted in the 29th minute of the second half. Kim returned to the game after overcoming an ankle injury, and scored a goal in the game that he returned in about two months. Speed racer Kim Jung-hwan will contribute to the side along with Park Ji-won, Shin Jae-won and Lee Joon-sang in the future.

Choi made good defense, but the defense team that was centered on veteran Yoon Young-sun was impressive, too. Seongnam legend Yoon made a comeback ahead of this season, but failed to play due to injury after the beginning of the season. Rather than rushing back, he waited for his comeback through rehabilitation, and led the team’s defense in the match against Anyang.

With the return of Yoon Young-sun, Seongnam was filled with unstable center back depth and gained weight. Although Cho Sung-wook was missing, Kang Kang-bin returned and Kim Joo-won and Kim Gun-il are available. They won 3-1 under the changed weight of defense, recording two consecutive wins.

Choi clearly has points to rebound through consecutive wins. Seongnam is ranking 10th with 19 points, two points shy of fifth-place Busan (21 points). It can advance to fifth place, the playoff zone, at any time amid fierce competition among mid-ranked teams. 먹튀검증 It will play the Korea Cup against the North Chungcheong Province Cheongju on weekdays, and the Suwon Samsung Blue Jays on weekends.

There are complementary points. Gabriel was out injured during the season, and Chris has a lot of regrets. It is encouraging that Hughes is doing well, but he needs other foreign players as well. The need for new foreign players is being emphasized through the summer transfer market. Lee Jung-hyup is also desperate for a score. Only when Lee Jung-hyup fires up, he will be able to ease the burden on Hughes and widen Choi Cheol-woo’s front-line operations.

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