Akbari, who endured for “7 years” to become a professional, and Kim Un’s soccer in Anyang, which is “ripe without rusting.”


FC Anyang, which advanced to the K League 2 (second division) playoffs as the second-place regular league in the 2021 season and the K League promotion playoffs as the third-place team in the 2022 season, finished the 2023 season in sixth place, accepting a slightly disappointing report card than usual.

Still, Anyang, led by coach Yoo Byung-hoon, has been producing remarkable results by ranking No. 1 through the 16th round (9 wins, 3 draws, 2 losses and 30 points). It was the moment when Anyang’s “flower bud soccer” gave off the scent of purple flowers.

And the striker, who made a solid contribution to his team’s lead, gathered his mind and waited for the league to resume. The late freshman, who endured seven years of patience and entered professional soccer, showed significant wings along with Anyang. It’s not just that the striker who matured in the wait now wants to reap sweet fruits.

Sports Korea met Anyang striker Kim Un (29), who has returned a long way but is finally showing his presence on the professional stage, at Anyang Stadium in Gyeonggi-do, and heard about his soccer life and the present with Anyang.

Kim Un, who started playing elite soccer in middle school, was relatively late. However, he was an “evil” who would remain even after completing his late start.

“When my friends who started playing soccer when I was in elementary school did 100 lifting, I couldn’t do even 10. It was a sad time to be ignored. At that time, I cried and pledged that I would become the best player in the team when I graduated, although I am not the best now.” I was able to achieve that promise by exercising individually and catching the coach’s eyes

Kim, who continued his career at Konkuk University, one of the most prestigious soccer teams, after going through high school, was about to join a professional team in 2016, when he became a senior. His soccer career seemed to be so solid.

However, all plans were put on hold when the coach of the professional team, who wanted Kim, stepped down as the coach. Kim rushed to take tests by Korean and Japanese professional teams, but even that was not easy. Unable to quit soccer as it was, Kim’s choice was to move to the K3 League Advance, a semi-professional league equivalent to the fourth division league at the time. Thus, he continued his career as a soccer player for the Icheon Citizen’s Soccer Team.

“I had high expectations for joining a professional team for a long time, but I was hurt a lot by the fact that I had to go to the K3 League Advance. But there was no other way. After joining the Icheon Football Team, I vowed, ‘Don’t blame anyone, let’s run into each other for a year. If that doesn’t work out, let’s quit.'” 메이저놀이터

Kim Un’s grit to achieve what he once pledged was the same even when he became a young man in his 20s. Kim scored 15 goals in the debut season of the Icheon Citizens’ Soccer Team, and became the top scorer in the K3 league advance. Since then, he has continued his dream of becoming a professional by playing semi-professional teams including KHFC in Goyang and Dangjin Citizens’ Soccer Team, as well as the KHNP in Gyeongju, the National League (tertiary league).

And the road was finally opened to those who did not give up.

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