An unfortunate 101-win pitcher who did not qualify for the national team even with 18 wins. “I’m retired, so I’m going to the WBC wearing national team clothes.”


“Now that I’m retired, I’m wearing national team clothes.”

She smiled and said it jokingly, but a part of her chest was salty. Yoo Hee-gwan, who commanded the professional stage with a slow ball of less than 140km and won 100 wins in total, is going to Tokyo for this WBC.

Yoo Hee-gwan visited Gocheok Sky Dome on the 3rd, where the Korean national team and the SSG Landers Futures team had a practice match. This is because the launching ceremony of the ‘Blue Wave’ supporters was held before the game on this day.

The KBO and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism decided to send a cheering squad, the ‘Blue Wave’ supporters, to the first round of the WBC held in Japan. They cheer for the national team in consecutive international baseball competitions, such as the WBC, the Hangzhou Asian Games in September, and the Asian Professional Baseball Championship (APBC) in November.

Yoo Hee-gwan was selected along with Shim Soo-chang and broadcaster Kang Min-kyung, and attended the launching ceremony that day.

When the national team players were training, Yoo Hee-gwan, who came to the dugout, met coach Lee Kang-cheol and greeted him, cheering, “Since I’m going, you will win unconditionally.”

Yu Hee-gwan, who watched the players’ training, said, “I couldn’t go to the Premier 12 even after winning 18 wins in 2015,” and said, “I retired, so I wore national team clothes and went to the WBC.”

Yoo Hee-gwan threw 189⅔ innings in 30 games in 2015, recording 18 wins and 5 losses with an ERA of 3.94. He ranked 2nd in wins, 6th in innings, and 10th in earned run average among domestic pitchers.

However, at the time, there were mixed reactions among baseball players over whether the slow speed could work in international competitions, and in the end, he was not selected for the national team. And the national team defeated Japan and the United States in the Premier 12 and became the first champion. Yu Hee-gwan won double-digit wins for 8 consecutive years from 2013 to 2020, recording a career record of 101 wins, 69 losses, 1 save and 4 holds, and an ERA of 4.58 until 2021.

After his retirement, Yu Hee-gwan, who has become a broadcaster and creator appearing in various entertainment programs, is now leaving for Japan to support the national team. 카지노사이트

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