Average burnout rate of 86% → 5 teams near the limit… Will salary cap wailing be real, and will it be on the rise rapidly


The sound of the clubs’ songs due to the salary cap system was real. Will the discussion on the upward adjustment be accelerated.

KBO announced on Tuesday the total amount of the top 40 salary players for each club in 2023. It was the total annual salary of the top 40 players, which is the reference point for salary cap. First of all, no club violated the salary cap set at 11.4 billion won (11.43 million dollars).

The KBO decided to introduce a salary cap system at the board of directors in January 2020 in order to elevate the league’s power and achieve sustainable development. It has been implemented for the first time since 2023. For two years from 2021 to 2022, 120 percent of the combined annual salary of the top 40 players in each club (annual salary, actual option payment, FA contract average among registered players excluding foreign players and rookies) was set as salary cap. The amount was 11.4 billion won (11.43 billion dollars). It was implemented from 2023 and decided to maintain it until 2025.

None of the teams violated salary caps. However, more than half of the teams have reached the salary cap limit after checking the total annual salary of each team. The team could exceed the salary cap if needed. 랭크카지노

Doosan`s annual salary was 11.18 billion won (110.8 million U.S. dollars), the largest of all. Doosan met the salary cap limit of its players. SSG 10.8 billion won (10.846 million dollars), LG 10.797.5 billion won (10.67 million dollars), Lotte 10.64667 billion won (10.44 million dollars), Samsung 10.04 billion won (10.43 million dollars), and NC 10.8812 billion won (10.14 million dollars) made their annual salaries worth more than 10 billion won (110.6 million dollars).

They were followed by KIA (9.877 billion won), KT (9.48 billion won), Hanwha (8.53 billion won), and Kiwoom (6.452 billion won). Kiwoom had the lowest annual salary. The average salary cap consumption rate of 10 teams is 86 percent. Half of the teams had less than 1 billion won (94.7 million dollars) left before the salary cap limit.

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