Breaking up with Anderson, who has a work ethic… The stronger KIA, the command tower also emphasizes responsibility


The KIA Tigers replaced all two foreign pitchers on the 6th. Mario Sanchez, who was playing in the Taiwan League, and Thomas Panoni, who played for KIA last season, were recruited.

 On the 4th, he already released Adonis Medina, and on the same day, he broke up with another pitcher, Sean Anderson. 

Menida had an ERA of 6 in 12 appearances. The order of release has been announced. But Anderson is a little different. He was sluggish, recording an average earned run average of 7 points in 4 games he appeared in May, but at the team level, he found a problem in the pitching mechanism and induced recovery by excluding him from the first team entry once. After the re-call-up, he made a quality start (more than 6 innings and less than 3 earned runs) in all 3 games he appeared on the mound. 

So the release of Anderson is a bit surprising. KIA broke up with Panoni last winter on the basis of ‘recruiting a right-handed pitcher who throws a fast ball’. 

On the 6th, ahead of the match against SSG Landers, manager Kim Jong-guk told me the background. Manager Kim admitted that “Anderson has a good work ethic and a good pitch,” but “there was a little lack in game management ability. He was monotonous throughout. I saw that Panoni was a little more stable pitcher.” 

KIA set the goal of winning ahead of the opening of this season. However, Na Seong-beom, Kim Do-young, and key hitters left due to injuries, and even foreign pitcher farming was not properly built. In the meantime, it fell to 9th place. 토토사이트

Eventually, ahead of the All-Star break, they had a super strong performance. In order to reinforce the home field, which was a weakness, they gave up veteran infielder Ryu Ji-hyeok to the Samsung Lions and recruited Kim Tae-gun, who has a national team background. All foreign pitchers have also changed. It was a will to not miss the reins of the jump in a situation where Na Seong-beom and Kim Do-young returned and improved their offensive power. 

Captain Kim Seon-bin, who suffered a fractured right thumb while defending, will also join the first team on the 8th. He will have full power in three months. 

Manager Kim Jong-guk said, “I, the coaching staff, and the players all have to take responsibility. The first half was sluggish, but we have to show a game that can be won,” he raised his voice. First of all, support from the front desk reached its peak. Now it’s part of the field. 

KIA won 7-6 against SSG on the 6th. Ace Yang Hyeon-jong pitched well with 1 run in 5 innings, and Choi Hyung-woo, the 4th hitter, led the attack with a multi-home run. Kim Tae-goon, who started for the first time after the transfer, hit multiple hits including the final blow. 

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