Following Derek Jeter, ML’s first female general manager… Disagreement with club owner, refusal to renew contract despite advance to PS


General manager Kim Ng (55), who led the Miami Marlins to fall baseball for the first time in three years, has stepped down. She rejected an offer to renew her contract and ended her career as the first female general manager in the major leagues. 

American media outlets, including ‘ESPN’, reported on the 17th (hereinafter Korean time) that Director Eung had parted ways with Miami. Miami owner Bruce Sherman planned to appoint a president of baseball operations at a higher rank than General Manager Ng, and as a result, General Manager Ng did not accept the club’s offer to renew her contract. Her offer to renew her contract was not at all pleasing to General Manager Ng, who was not guaranteed her position as the head of the front office. 

In November 2020, she was appointed as the general manager of Miami. General Manager Eung, who attracted attention as the first female front office head in all four major American professional sports, including MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL, was guaranteed a three-year contract. Her contract for 2024 was wanted by the club on a mutual option basis, but general manager Ng turned it down. 

In Miami, she reportedly even offered to extend her contract to general manager Ng. However, General Manager Ng said, “Last week, we discussed reorganizing the baseball operations department with owner Sherman. “During our discussions, we disagreed and thought it was best for me to step down,” she said. 

This year, Miami entered the postseason for the first time in three years as the last National League wild card winner with 84 wins and 78 losses. Excluding the 2020 COVID-19 shortened season, the 162-game full season was the first feat in 20 years since 2003. Although the fall baseball season was short with two consecutive losses to the Philadelphia Phillies in the Wild Card Series, the team was transformed into a young and competitive team. 

Left-handed pitcher Jesus Luzardo, brought in at the 2021 trade deadline, has grown into an ace, and 20-year-old rookie Yuri Perez has also grown into a key starter. They acquired ‘hitting king’ Luis Arraez in a pre-season trade, and at the trade deadline last summer, astute moves to strengthen the batting lineup paid off, including bringing in third baseman Jake Berger and first baseman Josh Bell. Coach Skip Shoemaker, who was handpicked as a ‘newbie head coach’, also stood out for his leadership skills. 

In recognition of these remarkable achievements, General Manager Eung was considered a candidate for Major League Baseball Executive of the Year, but he resigned voluntarily. It is noteworthy that Derek Jeter, the former head of the front office, stepped down from his position as CEO in March 2022 due to disagreements with owner Sherman over the direction of the club, and that General Manager Ng also parted ways for similar reasons. It is known that Jeter had a conflict with the owner of the Sherman team, who hesitated to invest due to the lockout. 

In a statement on this day, owner Sherman announced that General Manager Ng had rejected Guda’s offer to renew his contract and said, “We are grateful for General Manager Ng’s contributions to our organization so far,” and added, “We are investing in the club both on and off the field.” will continue We will begin a thorough and extensive search for new leadership. “We will continue the momentum of great progress this year.” 메이저놀이터

General Manager Ng also said, “I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Miami family and fans. “I am truly grateful for the time we spent together in South Florida,” he said. “This has been a year of great progress for Miami. I will miss working with Coach Shoemaker, his coaching staff, and the dedicated staff in baseball operations and the front office. “This is a very talented group, and I hope they achieve great success in the future,” he said in farewell. 

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