From the slick back and control tower ceremony to ‘Team Lee Keun-ho vs. Team Yeom Ki-hoon’…’A charity match for the players’ association with a lot of things to see


The Korea Professional Footballers Association had time to wrap up 2023 with fans through charity games.

On the afternoon of the 16th, the second Korea Professional Footballers Association charity game was held at Ajou University Gymnasium in Suwon, Gyeonggi Province. The proceeds from the event will be delivered to Shin Young-rok and Yoo Yeon-soo, who left the ground early due to a sad accident.

This is the second event to be held since last year, and it was held on a larger scale than last year’s charity game. Lee Keun-ho and Ji So-yeon, the Association of Players, as well as Korean men and women soccer players who are active at home and abroad, including Yeom Ki-hoon, Lee Chung-yong, Koo Ja-cheol, Jung Sung-ryong, Shim Seo-yeon, Yeo Min-ji, Kang Ga-ae, and Yoon Young-gle, gathered together to wrap up the year with fans. Announcer Kim Il-joong was the host, and Internet broadcaster GAMST, who was the ambassador for the K League in 2018 and 2019, played as a special MC and player.

Chairman Lee Keun-ho, who appeared in front of his fans before the event began, said, “We thank those who helped us to host the 2nd charity event. We are also grateful to the players who attended the event during the vacation period. Through today’s event, the players’ association will further unite and develop to advance the development of Korean soccer. I hope everyone will have a great and happy time.”

The match was played in the form of a four-team tournament: Team Lee Keun-ho, Team Ji So-yeon, Team Yeom Ki-hun, and Team Lee Cheong-yong. Team Yeom Ki-hun and Team Lee Keun-ho advanced to the final by defeating Team Ji So-yeon and Team Lee Cheong-yong, 2-1, in the semifinals, respectively. Team Lee Chung-yong and Team Ji So-yeon drew 1-1 in the third and fourth places. In the ensuing penalty shootout, Team Lee Chung-yong, who won with Koo Ja-cheol’s score, took third place. The final winner was Team Yeom Ki-hun. Team Yeom Ki-hun won the shootout after tying Team Lee Keun-ho 3-3. Hong Jung-woon scored the last goal.

Players presented fun things to see through ceremonies prepared by each team. They invited fans from the stands to take “selfies” and performed various dance performances including “control tower” and “slickback.” In the finals, captains Lee Keun-ho and Yeom Ki-hoon, who are ending their careers, were told to rinse them alternately.

After the game was all over, a joint retirement ceremony followed. At the end of this year, Lee Keun-ho, Yeom Ki-hoon, Yang Dong-hyun, Cho Dong-gun, Kim Chang-soo, Yoon Young-gle, Player Hyun, and Yoon Da-kyung, who took off their soccer shoes, finished their careers with applause from fans and colleagues.

“I feel like I finished the year well. Today’s event will be the last official event (as a professional player), and I’m happy to be able to wrap it up with the players,” Chairman Lee Keun-ho said.

Vice Chairman Kang Ga-ae and Director Yoon Seok-young expressed their expectation that the event will lead to the development of the Korean Football Association and the players’ association. Vice Chairman Kang Ga-ae said, “For the development of the Korean Football Association, the participation of players is necessary. It is positive that many players attended today’s charity game. I want to spend the year for the development of women’s soccer next year.” 헤라카지노

Director Yoon Seok-young said, “Our team (Gangwon FC) has had a difficult season this season, and it’s good to finish well. The players’ association is developing greatly, led by Chairman Lee Keun-ho and Chairman Ji So-yeon. I tried to be more helpful this year, but I think I wasn’t good enough. I will play my role more faithfully in the future.”

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