Futsal FK League, home and away from the new season


The Korea Futsal Federation (KFL) Futsal Korea (FK) League will play home-and-away matches from the new season starting in November.

In a phone call with this magazine on the 11th, Kim Dae-gil, chairman of the Korea Futsal Federation, said, “In order for the FK League to develop, home and away games are necessary someday.” We will settle in little by little,” he said. He continued, “There are more and more fans visiting the futsal stadium, and more and more teams are talking about the need for a home-and-away system.” I will create an opportunity to receive more love,” he expressed his anticipation.

The FK League, which usually starts in November and continues until April of the following year, has been played in a neutral area. The FK League consists of 6 teams in the first division, the Super League, and 7 to 8 teams in the second division, the Dream League. First of all, the six Super League teams are preparing to play home-and-away matches.

Chairman Kim said, “In the Dream League, there may be clubs that are not easy to prepare a home stadium in reality. Such clubs are studying ways to play in the stadiums of Super League clubs,” he said.

He also expressed his satisfaction with the futsal festival held in Taean, South Chungcheong Province from the end of June to last weekend. The first All-Star Game of the FK League, which was officially launched in 2010, was held on the 30th of last month, followed by the 2023 FK Cup, the largest cup competition of the season similar in nature to the Korea Football Association (FA) Cup in soccer.

Chairman Kim said, “The All-Star Game is something that players participating in the league have been continuously requesting. It is an event for players who have suffered,” he said. It will help motivate players.”토토사이트주소

He also positively evaluated that the FK Cup held a club level women’s soccer tournament for the first time. President Kim said, “Actually, when there is a competition that includes former female players, there are only 3 or 4 participating teams. Pointing out a realistic problem, the difference in level is so great that other teams give up participating,” he said.

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