Growing up watching ML videos of “Lindoor and Crawford.” → NC Infield Commander Kim Joo-won gained “relaxation and confidence.”


“I want to do better both in attack and defense.”

He played the first full-time game of the 2023 season. He spent the entire season making mistakes and paying attention to others. However, the season is different this year. His accumulated experience last year has given him confidence and confidence. In other words, Kim Joo-won, 22, the commander of NC’s infield division who is nicknamed “Lindoor of Korea,” is watching the video of Francisco Lindor and Brandon Cropped, one of the best shortstop players in the Major League, and is now looking at the top shortstop in the KBO League.

Kim Joo-won, who met at Enex Field in Tucson Reed Park, Arizona, where the NC spring camp is underway, said on the 7th (Korea time), “I think I prepared quickly last year’s spring camp because it was too much pace. After playing my first full time last season, I am preparing for this camp with ease,” adding, “After experiencing it once, I think I have the know-how. I can afford to proceed calmly by focusing only on me without being influenced by my surroundings.”

Last year, his experience while playing full-time became a huge asset. He found peace and confidence in this camp. He is sweating so hard that he can fully melt what he has prepared during the offseason into himself.

“Last year, my lower body was less stable and I was impatient,” Kim said. “I was in a hurry, so I didn’t get any in-play hits and my batting average dropped a lot,” Kim said. “I practiced this year by supplementing these areas during the off-season. Things are going well as I planned. I’m trying to make what I did during the off-season completely mine.”

“I want to be good at both offense and defense. I found some room at bat. I trained with coach Jin Jong-gil last season, but as I continued playing defense, I think I got good results in KT and the playoffs at the end of the season,” he said. “I was nervous about the pitcher, but I found my own release point, and I am practicing to consistently produce good defense with that in mind.”

Not only that, but he is also seeking advice by talking a lot with Park Min-woo and Seo Ho-cheol, who are preparing for the upcoming season with “Keystone Combination.” In particular, he watches videos of Lindor and Crawford, two of the best shortstop players in ML, and tries to copy them.

“Since we are in the infield together, I talk to the Keystone duo of Park Min-woo the most and Seo Ho-cheol the most,” Kim said. “I prepared for the bat early before coming to the camp. Now that I have practiced early, I think things are going well as planned. Since I had full-time experience last year, I think I will do better this year. I am sure it will be better than last year.”

“I watch a lot of videos of Crawford in Lindor and in the defense. If I keep watching the videos, at some point I get to play in them. 월카지노 That’s why I try to watch and learn as much as I can,” he said. “I think my mentality has strengthened a little as I had experience on big stages such as the Hangzhou Asian Games last year. I used to go down because I was worried about people’s eyes when I wasn’t good, but now I’m going to do it with the idea of ‘Let’s make a better tomorrow because we have a game tomorrow.'”

Finally, he said, “I made too many mistakes last year. That is why my first goal is to halve the number of errors. I will increase my double-digit home runs and batting average compared to last year,” adding, “If I set my goal and direction and do my best, I will definitely be able to do it.”

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