He signed an annual salary contract, but he pays attention to the perfect monster’s mouth. “What should I say at the press conference?”


Japanese professional baseball (NPB) Chiba Lotte’s “Perfect pitcher” Sasaki Loki has completed his annual salary contract, and attention is now being paid to his mouth.

Lotte announced on Wednesday that it has signed a 2024 salary contract with Sasaki. Sasaki will hold a press conference in the coming days. Details of the contract were not disclosed.

Sasaki garnered great attention early on by throwing balls over 150 kilometers per hour since he was a high school student. He joined Chiba Lotte as the first pick in the 2019 Rookie Draft.

Sasaki was subject to special management upon joining the team. As a result, he never took the mound in the first season of his professional career in 2020. However, he has accompanied players in the first team. He allowed players to gain experience by watching and learning from the team.

Finally, in 2021, Sasaki began to play in earnest. He successfully completed his debut season in the first division with three wins, two losses and an ERA of 2.27 in 11 games.

Sasaki, which started to gain momentum, exploded its potential in its third year. I can’t forget the game against the Orix on April 10. He achieved the “perfect game,” which is the most milestone in baseball. He definitely received attention from the baseball community.

In his next appearance, he achieved an eight-inning perfector and made his name known properly.

Such performances led to the national team’s participation. He joined the WBC National Team in March last year and helped Japan win the title.

However, it was disappointing to start the season. Due to injury, he failed to play in many games. He kept his pride with a record of seven wins, four losses and an ERA of 1.78.

An even bigger problem was after the end of the season. Sasaki wanted to advance to the Major League, but the team objected.

Considering the posting fee, Chiba Lotte cannot allow it. This is because, according to regulations, players under the age of 25 cannot sign contracts with major league teams for a large amount of money due to restrictions. Therefore, Chiba Lotte will not be able to receive a lot of money. In addition, since he has never played full-time, he decided that it is not the time to enter the U.S. yet.

The conflict escalated. Was his emotion hurt? Sasaki did not negotiate an annual salary with the club. This is the first time that he has not negotiated an annual salary beyond the year. There was not much time left before leaving for the spring camp, but no news came out.

To make matters worse, more shocking news was delivered on the 25th. It was that Sasaki had withdrawn from the Japanese Professional Baseball Association. All players in the professional league are affiliated with the players’ association except for those who play in the Major League. The report that Sasaki left the association under this situation was so shocking.

It seemed like it was crossing a river that could not be crossed with the club, but the atmosphere changed in a day. The salary negotiations were dramatically concluded. Chiba Lotte and Sasaki also reported the completion of the salary negotiations on SNS.

Now, Japan is paying attention to Sasaki’s remarks. It made me curious about the upcoming press conference. Should I stick to my will to advance to the Major League or let it go for a while.

Japan’s Nikkan Sports said, “This is the first time for Sasaki to appear in public since the day of thanksgiving on Nov. 19 last year. What should I say?” 헤라카지노주소

Japan’s full count said, “There were 20,000 likes in an hour of uploading to the club’s SNS post that reported the news of the contract agreement,” and delivered the fans’ reaction.

There were fans who cheered, such as “Lotte fans are sincerely cheering” and “If you play baseball this year, that’s good enough,” while there were also questions, saying, “Then what are you saying at the press conference?”

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