How can all three teams…’ Suwon Brothers and Gangwon Tonghae concede goals in the 90th minute, further simmering the competition to remain


In the last 35 rounds, the three teams in the K-League 1 relegation zone had to accept disappointing results. Suwon FC, Suwon Samsung, and Gangwon FC all lost points right before their eyes. I was holding the lead, but lost concentration at the end. The games were played in different venues, but even the goals conceded right before the end of the game were similar.

Attention in the final ranking competition in K League 1 this season is focused on the relegation zone. League leader Ulsan Hyundai achieved its first two-game losing streak in club history, regardless of the results of the remaining games. The battle for a ticket to the Asian Champions League (ACL) in the top tier is also fierce, but once you fall behind, the competition for relegation, which is not seen in the first division, becomes even more bloody.

Currently, Suwon FC has 8 wins, 8 draws, and 19 losses (32 points) and is ranked 10th in the league. They are followed by 11th place Gangwon (4 wins, 15 draws, 16 losses, 27 points) and 12th place Suwon (6 wins, 8 draws, 12 losses, 26 points).

All three teams have one biggest goal. You just have to avoid last place. The 12th-place team in K League 1 suffers direct relegation. The 10th and 11th places in the league will decide whether to remain in the league through promotion playoffs with K League 2 teams. 10th and 11th places have a chance to stay. However, the lowest ranked team falls to the second division without even such an opportunity.짱구카지노

In a situation where they must do their best in every game, the results of the 35th round are bound to be disappointing for Suwon FC, Gangwon, and Suwon. Suwon FC lost 3-4 at home to FC Seoul on the 29th. The shock of defeat was so great. Suwon FC took the lead with Lopez’s first goal, but gave up two goals to force a comeback. Suwon FC continued the chase until the end. Lee Seung-woo’s goal made it 2-2, and when the score was tied at 2-3 again, Lopez scored the golden equalizer with a penalty kick.

However, the final defense was disappointing. In the second half of extra time, Seoul allowed Kim Kyung-min to score the winning goal. Suwon FC coach Kim Do-gyun sighed. Suwon FC players were also disappointed.

Suwon FC has accumulated more points than the other two teams and is comfortable. However, in order to avoid stronger K League 2 teams in the promotion playoffs, they must finish in 10th place. I am in a position where I have to do my best until the end.

Gangwon-do conceded a goal at the last minute and missed an opportunity to secure a valuable victory. In the home game against Jeju United on the 28th, Gabriel took the lead in the 5th minute of the second half with the first goal. However, they gave up an equalizer to Jeju Jeongwoon in extra time in the second half. In the end, it was a 1-1 draw. Gangwon Kim Dae-won sat down on the ground in disappointment and was unable to stand up for a while.

It was the same in Suwon. In the home game against Daejeon Hana Citizen on the 29th, the team ran away with a 2-0 score with consecutive goals from Kim Joo-chan in the 20th minute of the first half and Acosti in the 29th minute of the first half. A situation where everything will be solved as long as you keep it. However, Suwon lost concentration and could not maintain the two-goal lead. Following Daejeon striker Thiago in the 35th minute of the second half, Massa hit the net in extra time in the second half, causing frustration to Suwon. The final score was 2-2. ‘Club legend’ Yeom Gi-hoon, acting manager of Suwon, looked in disbelief. Suwon fans also held their heads.

In the end, the competition between the three teams to remain led to an even more bloody match. In particular, Gangwon and Suwon will face each other in the 38th round of this season’s final match. It will be held at Suwon World Cup Stadium on December 2nd. It is highly likely that the final rankings of the two teams will be determined in this game. There will also be a match between Suwon FC and Suwon on the 12th of next month, and a match between Gangwon and Suwon FC on November 25. It is a series of bloody battles.

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