“I really wanted to play in the hometown team”… Released twice → 34-year-old left-hander bound for Lotte, achieved his “hometown team’s dream” in 12 years


“Honestly, I would have thought about it if it wasn’t for Lotte”

Lotte renewed its 1.35 million-dollar contract with pitcher Charlie Barnes on Wednesday, and confirmed its signing of foreign hitter Reyes for 950,000 dollars. After re-signing Aaron Wilkerson on April 16, it completed the formation of three foreign players in a month.

He also announced recruitment of left-hander Lim Joon-seop (34) in the final paragraph of the press release for foreign players. Lim joined the pro league in 2012 after being drafted 15th overall in the second round by the Kia Tigers, and has recorded 12 wins, 26 losses, and 10 holds with an ERA of 5.67 in 200 games overall.

After joining KIA, seven players joined Hanwha Eagles in a four-to-three trade in 2015. After playing through the 2022 season, he was notified of his release and continued his active career after going through tests by SSG Landers. At this year’s SSG, he had 41 games, two losses, four saves and an ERA of 5.79. However, he was informed of his release on April 24. Lotte reached out to Lim Joon-seop, and explained why it recruited him, saying, “I judged that Lim is competitive as a left-hander, including his pitching skills and stable ball control.”

“I’m so happy to sign a contract with Lotte. I’ve always wanted to play for my hometown team Lotte, but thank you so much for coming to see me,” Lim said. He graduated from Daeyeon Elementary School in Busan, graduated from Busan Middle School and Gaeseong High School, and graduated from Kyungsung University in Busan. He was a native of Busan who continued his amateur career in Busan before joining the pro league. He started playing for his hometown team 12 years after joining the pro league.

In fact, Lotte contacted soon after receiving the release notification from SSG. The announcement was just made late. Lim Joon-seop accepted it without any worries because it was Lotte. “I was notified of the release and got in touch within a week. Fortunately, I was able to find the team right away. I was just so happy and grateful for the opportunity,” Lim explained.

He was released by Hanwha Eagles last year and SSG this year for two consecutive years. Lim was at a crossroads in his career. However, because he was Lotte, his hometown team, he came to renew his commitment. Even when he was quitting baseball, Lotte reached out to him just as he was about to settle down in Busan. “To be honest, I would have thought about it if I had an offer from a team other than Lotte. But I didn’t quit because it was Lotte that I really wanted to go to,” Lim said.

In fact, Lim seemed to be rewriting a myth that he would be released from prison again this year. He was playing a role well with an ERA of 2.86 at three holds in 23 games (22 innings) through June this year. However, as it was a full-time season in a long time, he could not overcome physical ups and downs going into the second half of this season. 랭크카지노

“I played a full-time season this year for the first time in a long time. It’s a shame that I couldn’t maintain my performance that was good in the beginning as I played for the first time in a long time,” he said. “In the second half of the year, I felt it was okay, but I thought it was hard. I thought it wasn’t easy.”

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