I was once a rival with Oh Seung-hwan… At that time, I give up the finish and go downhill, I wonder if I will retire at the age of 33


Trevor Rosenthal (33) was once a well-known closer. Rosenthal, who made his major league debut with St. Louis in 2012 and honed his skills in the bullpen, took over as his first full-time closer in 2014 and recorded 45 saves, standing tall as the league’s top finisher at once.메이저놀이터

2015 was the peak of his heyday. He appeared in 68 games and went 2-4 with 48 saves with a 2.10 ERA, again breaking the personal record for most saves in a season. There was a fiery fastball that reached 100 miles per hour (approximately 161 km) and a high-quality change-up, and at the end, a slider was installed to enhance the performance. In his major league career, he boasted an overwhelming pitch, with the number of strikeouts per 9 innings reaching 12.1 in his career.

There seemed to be no doubt in the proposition that this player, who had opened his prime by being selected as an All-Star in 2015, would play an active role as a top finisher in the league for the time being. However, his iron wall finish began to crumble little by little due to various injuries.

In 2016, he opened the season with the team’s opening finish, but his performance was not as good as before. Uneasy saves followed, with the average ERA soaring to the 4-point range. Then St. Louis made a decision. Instead of the uneasy Rosenthal, it was decided to entrust Oh Seung-hwan (42, Samsung), who had a good performance as a setup man during his first season in the major leagues, as the finisher. Oh Seung-hwan served as the team’s closer in the second half and collected 19 saves.

In 2016, Oh’s ERA was 1.92 and Rosenthal’s was 4.46. At the time, it was reasonable for Oh Seung-hwan to be the finisher, but it could have hurt Rosenthal’s pride. The rivalry between the two players continued into 2017. It was the opposite this time. As Oh Seung-hwan, who started with the opening finish, lost his strength towards the end of the first half, Rosenthal, who had been consulting with him, returned to the finish, and the finish of the first and second half changed again.

The two players parted ways when Oh Seung-hwan left the team ahead of the 2018 season, but Rosenthal has since had a career riddled with injuries. After recording 11 saves in 2017, he suffered from frequent injuries. He missed the entire 2018 season due to the aftermath of his elbow surgery, and he never regained his former form after his return. As soon as he threw, chest surgery and hip surgery followed, completely breaking the rhythm of his career.

As a result, Rosenthal only appeared in 45 games from 2019 to 2020, and has not appeared on the major league mound since. Rosenthal, who had already lost a lot of pitch, was in a state where the value of use had fallen significantly. The player did not give up and burned hopes of a comeback to the end, but his most recent attempts also went to nothing.

Detroit officially announced on the 3rd (Korean time) that it had released Rosenthal. Rosenthal tried to return to the major leagues after signing a minor league contract with Detroit, but only played in two games in the Triple-A stage. To make matters worse, he underwent elbow surgery again in mid-June. His appearance this season is likely to be more difficult.

“The nature of the recent elbow surgery is unknown,” MLTR reported, but “it is the latest in a series of injuries that have plagued Rosenthal for well over five seasons.” For Rosenthal, one setback can mean a lot. And it’s reasonable to wonder if he’ll consider retiring at age 33,’ he analyzed.

Too many injuries have been going on for 5 years, and in the process, his performance has been ruined. It’s reasonable to speculate that Rosenthal, who was frustrated by another surgery, could revisit his career after undergoing another elbow operation in his mid-30s. Everyone is hoping the closer will rise like a romp, but the odds are getting smaller with the passage of time and a spate of injuries.

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