I wonder if my slider worked while watching Ohtani Sweeper… I’ve always supported you with my heart since Lee Jung-hoo, and Oh Ji-hwan is good. I feel good


Ryu Hyun-jin (37), a left-hander from the Hanwha Eagles, has won 78 games in the Major League, and Lee Jung-hoo (26), an outfielder who grew up with the Kiwoom Heroes, wore a San Francisco Giants uniform in exchange for a six-year, $113 million (about 148.6 billion won). If the team becomes the best in the Korean pro baseball, it is an era in which it can seek to escape from the KBO League. There is a “starter” who has opened the door to the Korean Wave in baseball. When he was trapped in a fence and could not take a single step, former national team coach Sun Dong-yeol (61) instilled a dream into him.

Sun Dong-yeol, an undisputed pitcher, moved to the Chunichi Dragons in the Japanese pro baseball league in 1996, and pitched as the best closing pitcher. He garnered 38 saves in 1997 to become the relief king of the Central League. He has been brilliant in the Korean baseball with 98 saves (10 wins, 4 losses, 2.70 ERA) over the past four years.

On March 21, 1990, the front page of the inaugural issue of Sports Chosun was Sun Dong-yeol. The Japanese team is called “Seon Dong-yeol is going.” Although the team had to wait six years for its advance into Japan, it anticipated and cheered for its national 寶 to challenge to an overseas league. Thirty-four years have passed since then.

“I was honored and grateful that you called me a national treasure, but I felt a lot of pressure,” Sun said. “I thought that success seems bigger than failure, but not to the extent that I am called a national treasure. When it comes to national treasure, we should have succeeded all the time, but we also failed in Japan.” “I have tried to be considerate of others according to my excessive amount of love,” he said.

▶ That spring of 1990 made my heart beat

In his sixth year as a professional golfer who joined Haitai Tigers in 1985, Sun said, “I have dreamed of going overseas since I was a college student. I was offered a scout while participating in international competitions such as the LA Olympics and the World Youth Championship. After joining the professional league, my dream failed. Back then, I could not leave the team unless I retired because there was no free agent system.”

There was no way if I wanted to leave the well and go to the wider world. At that time, Sports Chosun announced the possibility of going to Japan and evoked the atmosphere.

“In the early days of our professional career, our baseball was influenced a lot by Japan. I learned a lot while watching Japanese baseball and exchanges were active. When I went to Japan for field training, there were Japanese baseball players who showed interest. In addition, Japanese coaches, instructors, and Korean-Japanese baseball players taught our players, and I think these people made it known to Japan and talked about entering Japan,” he said.

When the Korea-Japan Super Game began in 1991, and faced Japan, he must have gained confidence that it worked well enough.

“When I saw the front page of Sports Chosun, I thought I might go to Japan in the future.”

▶If I had thrown in the Major League

If Sun Dong-yeol, the best pitcher in his 20s, had he moved to the Major League when he was in his prime, how would he have achieved such good results? This is probably the idea that every baseball fan has ever thought about. Sun carefully opened his mouth after thinking about it for a long time. 랭크카지노주소

“Well… I had a dream to go to the U.S. and play. I wonder if my ball would work in the Major League or if I had thrown as a starter, would I have been able to win in double digits?”

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