Incheon Breaks Up With Head Coach Cho Sung-hwan, ‘The Club’s First ACL Towing’


Incheon United broke up with coach Cho Sung-hwan.

Incheon said in a press release on Monday that it terminated the contract under mutual agreement with Cho. Earlier, there were reports that Cho voluntarily resigned taking responsibility for his poor performance.

Coach Cho Sung-hwan was appointed as the 11th head coach of the Incheon club in August 2020 and successfully led the team for four years to improve the team’s constitution, which had been in the relegation zone for the previous few years. In 2022, he ranked fourth in the league, advanced to the Asian Football Confederation Champions League for the first time in the club’s history, and settled in the top split (Final A) for two consecutive years in 2023.

The team has thus displayed disappointment in this season. Incheon ranked ninth in the league with four wins, eight draws and eight losses through the 20th round. The team was tied with 10th-ranked Daegu FC, which is in the relegation zone, with 20 points. Cho communicated with Incheon about the team’s poor performance, and decided to terminate the contract early after long discussions, including that it was time for a change.

In Cho’s farewell match on the 5th, Incheon managed to avoid defeat by winning a dramatic draw against Gimcheon Sangmu. Park Sang-hyuk scored the first goal in the 39th minute of the first half, but Mugosa accurately connected the ball with his head from the far post and put the ball into the goal in the 43rd minute of the second half.

After the match, when asked what Incheon meant to him during the press conference, Cho said, “I constantly touch his emotions,” and showed his love for Incheon by bending his head low and sobbing as if his emotions had actually risen. Incheon meant so much to Cho that he couldn’t speak for about a minute. 메이저놀이터

As the game was the last time Incheon was banned from entering the home cheering section, the game was held without cheering for its home fans. After the game, fans gave Cho, who had been in a slump for some time, the last “Incheon is my pride” that Incheon calls after the game, and players also greeted him with a hangar. Many thanked Cho, who got emotional during the farewell ceremony.

For the time being, the Incheon club will play under the acting head coach Byun Jae-sup, and will carefully search for candidates to appoint a new coach to lead the team.

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