Jeonbuk’s falling ‘NEW Captain’ Park Jin-seop said, “I’m so sorry that I only said I would win with words.”


I conveyed my apologies to the fans.

Jeonbuk Hyundai had a 2-2 draw with Daejeon Hana Citizen in the 21st round of the 2024 Hana Bank K League 1 held at Daejeon World Cup Stadium at 7 p.m. on the 7th. Jeonbuk fell to a winless streak of nine consecutive games after being hit by Daejeon’s Kim Joon-beom just before the end of the game.

Before the match, Jeonbuk announced on its social network service that Park Jin-seop has been appointed as the new captain of the team. In order to renew the mood of the team, which is at the bottom, Park Jin-seop will be appointed as the captain’s armband instead of Kim Jin-soo.

It was shortly after Park Jin-seop returned from basic military training. Park won the gold medal at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games held last year, making him exempt from the military service. After a brief three-week basic military training, he returned to the team on Wednesday. After returning from the training center, he was substituted in the match against Daejeon and played his first match as an official captain. Jeonbuk, however, failed to keep its lead again.

After the game, Park Jin-seop, who met with reporters in the joint coverage area (Mix Zone), said, “It was an important game as everyone knows. But I’m so sad to see such a result. Also, a lot of our fans came to support us, and I’m so sorry to get the result of a draw.”

When asked why he could not keep the lead just before the end of the game, he said, “This is everyone’s problem. There are things like concentration that fall after 70 minutes. As these things go a little bit, it seems that the situation of losing points continues to occur. I am internally aware of this and I am trying to change it.”

He also shared his anecdote at the training center and his physical condition. “I couldn’t exercise at the training center for three weeks. I’m not in good physical condition right now. However, as the team is in a difficult situation, there must be something I can do, and the coach believes in it, so I think those are all excuses. I received cell phones once a week at the training center and checked the results of the game every time,” Park said.

However, Jeonbuk continued its sluggish performance while Park was in the training camp. “It was such a shame. I cheered for him a lot because he is a member of my team. I hoped the mood would change, but whenever I saw such a result, I didn’t feel good. I just wanted to join him quickly and be of help to the team,” Park said.

Park Jin-seop also shared his feelings about being the captain of the team immediately after returning from the training center. “I was surprised (after receiving the captain’s armband). However, through conversations with the coach, I thought there was something I should do. And even though I am the captain, everyone has to move forward together, 안전놀이터 so my brothers and colleagues try to help me,” he said.

Finally, Park Jin-seop said, “I’m the captain and it’s my first game, but it’s a difficult result for everyone to accept now. It’s difficult for the players to accept it now, but now they’re aware of the reality and are trying to get out of the rankings quickly. I’m so sorry that I always seem to convey it in words, but if you trust us and continue to support us a little more, the players will repay you. I hope you believe a little more.” He apologized to the fans.

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