“Jordan was a terrible player” Pippen ‘snipes’ at Jordan again…”James was a great stat player”

Scottie Pippen has taken another shot at Michael Jordan.

Pippen and Jordan led the Chicago Bulls to six championships.

However, Pippen complained that Jordan was overly glorified during ESPN’s “Last Dance” in 2020.

Afterward,먹튀검증 Pippen attacked Jordan at every opportunity, going so far as to say in his autobiography that Jordan “ruined basketball.”

However, Pippen also cited Jordan as a player he would love to play with again.

Pippen recently sparked controversy when he said, “Jordan was a terrible player.”

During an appearance on the Stacey King podcast, Pippen said of LeBron James, “He’s a great statistical player. Nobody compares to him.”

Pippen didn’t call James the GOAT, though.

Talking about Jordan, he said, “Jordan was a terrible player until I got to Chicago. He was a one-on-one guy and his shot was terrible.” But Jordan had averaged 37.1 points the previous season.

“After I came in, Chicago played as a team and started winning,” Pippen continued.

Pippen also emphasized that when King asked who would win a matchup between the 72-10 Chicago Bulls and the 73-9 Golden State Warriors, Pippen said, “We’re the best team ever, and if Jordan hadn’t left, we probably would have won two or three more titles.”

Meanwhile, Pippen’s comments about Jordan being a terrible player sparked outrage among Jordan fans.

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