Kim Ha Sung did it! Ghostly surprise bunt → Even the final score is very active, “40,000 spectators’ enthusiasm” takes out the opponent’s soul

Defensive is the best. There’s nothing I can’t do. Kim Ha-sung (28, San Diego Padres) succeeded in a ghostly surprise bunt that drained the opponent’s infield. He then contributed to the team’s victory by scoring the final goal along with his unique sincere base play.

Kim Ha-sung started as the eighth batter and second baseman in the 2023 Major League Baseball home game against the Tampa Bay Rays at Petco Park in San Diego, California, on the 18th (Korea Standard Time) and played with one hit and one run in three at-bats. Kim Ha-sung’s season batting average rose slightly from 0.244 to 0.245 in the previous season. OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage 0.708.

Recently, Kim Ha-sung’s sense of hitting has been on the rise. After playing a multi-hit game against the Cleveland Guardians on the 16th, he also recorded a multi-hit game against Tampa Bay on the previous day (17th) and hit two hits in two consecutive games. And in the game, he made a surprise bunt and made three consecutive hits.

On the same day, Kim Ha-sung faced his first at-bat in the bottom of the second inning when the two teams were tied 0-0. Jack Eflin is the starting pitcher. Kim Ha-sung recorded fouls in both the second and third pitches after just sending the first strike. The fourth pitch was a ball, and the fifth pitch was a good hit by Eflin’s sinker (150.8km), but he 먹튀검증 went into the right field glove.
◆ Kim Ha-sung’s surprise bunt, which confused the opponent’s infield, and the golden final score, which broke the tense balance of “0,” are “pulpulpulpulpulpulpulpulpulpulpulpulpulpulp.”
Kim Ha-sung showed great sense in the bottom of the fifth inning when the two teams were still unable to score. Kim Ha-sung, who took his second at-bat as the leadoff hitter, threw a first pitch sinker (146km), while Kim Ha-sung slipped down the bat and attempted a surprise bunt. The ball rolled exquisitely toward third base. To this end, Tampa Bay third baseman Isaac Paredes rushed in, made a bare-handed catch and vigorously sprayed the ball to first base, but Kim Ha-sung’s foot was a little faster. Just before shooting the first base, Kim Ha-sung ran at full speed to the point where his helmet almost fell off. More than 40,000 home spectators were enthusiastic once again following Kim Ha-sung’s hustle play the previous day.

Starting with Kim Ha-sung’s hit, follow-up hitters showed their wit. Grisham attempted another bunt on Eflin’s first pitch, and the ball strangely crossed the pitcher’s height, leading to an infield hit. From here, Kim Ha-sung went to second base. Next up is Fernando Tatis Jr. However, even Tatis Jr. carried out a surprise bunt. The ball was caught by the catcher as it didn’t roll far, but it was Tatis Jr.’s bunt that caught the Tampa Bay infield off guard.

Three consecutive bunt attempts. As a result, Kim Ha-sung’s surprise bunt became the starting point, confusing the opponent’s infield. In the process, Kim Ha-sung settled on third base. In the end, Kim Ha-sung hit home on the next batter Soto’s sacrifice fly to the center field, giving the team the first run. San Diego went on to take advantage of Paredes’ miss of Machado’s grounder to third base, and Grisham scored. The score went 2-0. Kim Ha-sung, who was still the leadoff hitter in the bottom of the seventh inning with the team leading 2-0. The opposing pitcher is changed pitcher Sean Armstrong. Kim Ha-sung, who was driven by an unfavorable 0-2 ball count, scooped up a slider (139.5 kilometers) for the fourth pitch but stepped down due to a shortstop pop flyout.

San Diego, which won 2-0 in the end, escaped from two consecutive losses and marked 34-36 losses in the season. The ranking remained fourth in the National League West. Tampa Bay, on the other hand, had a season record of 51 wins and 23 losses with three consecutive wins. The winning margin is +28. It is still the lead in the American League East.

Meanwhile, the game was a tight pitching match. San Diego starter Blake Snell succeeded in achieving his third win (6 losses) of the season by pitching hard with two hits, three walks and no runs, including 12 strikeouts in six innings (102 pitches). In the ninth inning, “Closer” Josh Hader took the mound and kept the lead by two points. 17 saves of the season. Tampa Bay starter Jack Eflin, on the other hand, suffered his third loss (8 wins) of the season without support from the team’s batters (total 3 hits) despite his three hits, two walks, five strikeouts and two runs (one earned) in six innings (90 pitches). San Diego hit four hits, one of the most brilliant hits was Kim Ha-sung’s surprise bunt.

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