Lack of coaches? Players’ ‘Personal Lessons’


“Inside, (the coaches) will hate it, but I can’t say much in front of it.”

Not long ago, I had the opportunity to talk to a baseball official about a private lesson on the inactive period of professional baseball players. The official said, “I am a veteran who has been in the baseball team for a long time. I had one question because he knew how to run a club better than anyone else. It was about how coaches would react when batters changed their batting forms at private academies during the winter.

“This is the atmosphere for a while. Older coaches must be sensitive, but younger coaches don’t seem to accept it that way. Now I do,” he said.

The KBO League is inactive from December to January of the following year. According to baseball regulations, players’ compensation period for participating activities shall be 10 months from February 1 to November 30 every year, and their annual salary shall be paid in installments of 10 times. Players are not allowed to train in teams from December when they do not receive monthly salary until February 1, when spring camp starts.

Individual training sessions are conducted in different ways, but “private lessons” have recently become a hot topic of conversation. Private academies are not only providing simple training, but also bold handling of pitching and hitting form.

Up until this winter alone, several players including mammoth Kim Jae-hwan (Doosan Bears) left for the U.S. They did so to train with Kang Jung-ho (retired), who runs an academy there. As Son Ah-seop (NC Dinos), who became the batting champion in the league last year, proved his effectiveness, players’ interest in the academy has increased significantly. Son received feedback based on a video of his hitting in the last two years.

Kim Jae-hwan is also similar. “Jung-ho pointed out the point well, which I had been agonizing over for four to five years. Whenever I trained for several years, I thought, ‘This is definitely not it. I clearly felt that it would be solved.'” It is good to hear that the player has found the answer. However, some of the players might become sensitive when the team’s batting coach hears it.

“Compared to the past, the way of coaching seems to have changed. Previously, there were coaches who instilled their batting theory into players, but now they are different. They give advice on the process and routine of accumulating batting scores,” an A team official said. “Veteran players would give even more no-touch advice. What is basically important is trust, and I think that’s what happens depending on who players trust (between coach and academy).” 라바카지노도메인

Some view this as a link to the “coach shortage” in the professional baseball field. As most legendary players have been excluded from the broadcasting industry since retirement, a “coach shortage” has occurred. This means that low-year coaches have been transfused and players’ breaths have become stronger. “Times have changed,” a B team official said. “If I fail after taking private lessons, who should I hold accountable?”

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