leadership collapse, team philosophy loss, organization breakdown…”Last place.” Where is Jeonbuk going?


Even if the team gets twisted, the team is firmly in the top position. Jeonbuk Hyundai, which has always been considered the “absolute first place” and the “first favorite to win,” is in the worst crisis. It is currently at the bottom of the list at a time when it has played more than half of the entire season including the final round (five matches per team).
Jeonbuk ranks 12th with three wins, seven draws and 10 losses and 16 points in the “Hana Bank K League 1 2024” that ended through the 20th round. The situation is shocking following the last season when it lost 16 wins, nine draws and 13 losses, and lost fourth place. It should be fortunate that the gap with Incheon United (20 points) is not large.

The leadership collapse is particularly serious. Lee Do-hyun, the frontrunner in basketball and archery, is a veteran player, but he is new to soccer. He is different in size and has a lot of things to pay attention to. Moreover, his influence within the parent company (Hyundai Motor) is not greater than that of the past high-ranking officials.

Team leader Kim Doo-hyun is also a “novice.” After breaking up with former coach Petrescu of Romania, Jeonbuk strongly pushed Kim, who showed off his capabilities as acting coach last season. Despite the concerns of the parent company, the team remained stubborn.

However, the acting coach and the manager are different. The rival team is well versed in the number of Kim Doo-hyun. FC Seoul coach Kim Ki-dong defeated Jeonbuk 5-1 on June 29 based on thorough analysis. Both the bench’s quick response and response to a crisis are lacking. It is very serious that a coach change has no effect.

He has also lost his team philosophy. His past stance was clear. He has displayed good performance by recruiting good players. Now, he is said to have focused on “growing and using” policies, but neither is this nor that. The construction of youth clubhouses, which started a long time ago, is slow and growing. There are some good projects that can be found from time to time, but they rarely give opportunities to players in the top team. They are different from Ulsan HD, Pohang Steelers, and Gwangju FC, where they are active in both excavation and utilization. This is why Park Ji-sung, technical director, is not free from responsibility. 안전놀이터

Players’ deviations are also pitiful. Captain Kim Jin-soo, who failed to control his emotions, was sent off directly twice this season alone, and three players, Jeong Tae-wook and Jeong Min-ki, visited a club in Seoul late at night on the day of the team’s crushing defeat to Seoul. He denies drinking alcohol, but just showing up at the wrong place at the wrong time deserves criticism.

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