Lee Dae-ho in 2006 and Han Dong-hee in 2023


Lee Dae-ho, who was once called the ‘Heart of the Giants’, retired in October of last year. Lee Dae-ho, who joined the Lotte Giants in 2001 and has been active only at Lotte except for overseas activities, was a player who showed potential like Han Dong-hee now until his 5th year of debut.

In 2006, in the 6th year of his debut, he achieved the batting triple crown and started to make his name known, and became a legend and was named ‘Joseon’s No. 4 hitter’, ‘Giant’s pride’, ‘Giants’ eternal No. 10′ from fans who loved him. ’ and honorably retired.

Han Dong-hee in April of last year was as beautiful as Lee Dae-ho in 2006. During the month of April, he had a batting average of 4.2 0.7 Lee (38 hits in 89 at-bats), 7 home runs, 22 RBIs and 16 points. He was out of the ordinary group of prospects and seemed to dominate the league like Lee Dae-ho in 2006.

However, due to the aftermath of the injury, he has not been able to show his full potential since May, and even his defense has gone through ups and downs. There was no There are many opinions that Han Dong-hee should be appointed as a first baseman like Lee Dae-ho, but that is not feasible given the situation of the Lotte Giants team, which is overflowing with first basemen.

Lee Dae-ho has retired, and from now on, it is time for Han Dong-hee, who is called ‘Post Lee Dae-ho’.

No one doubts Han Dong-hee’s talent. On October 6, 2021, commentator Lee Soon-cheol commented on Han Dong-hee’s skills in an interview with a media outlet and said, “I think I saw a really great home run today. It’s hard to hit more than 5 home runs in my lifetime while playing baseball. 토토사이트“I’ve never hit a home run,” he said. He also praised beyond admiration, saying, “If you ask Lee Dae-ho, he would say he couldn’t hit more than 5.” Head coach Park Heung-shik, who has a good command of batting instruction, once mentioned Han Dong-hee and said, ‘It seems that the strengths of manager Lee Seung-yeop and Park Byeong-ho are combined.” Han Dong-hee was confident that he would hit 33 home runs next

year . During the finishing training, Han Dong-hee trained to change his batting posture. He trained with an emphasis on improving the problem of the upper body leaning forward when hitting and improving rotational power. He also increased the weight of defense training and started over from the basics, spending more time than anyone else.

Han Dong-hee will be a player in his 6th year of debut this year. Like Lee Dae-ho, who achieved the batting triple crown in his 6th year, Han Dong-hee fully exploded his potential and demonstrated all his talents and skills to become a true ‘post-Lee Dae-ho’ . ‘ Lotte Giants fans are eagerly hoping.

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