MIA Luzardo Wins Salary Adjustment After Araes


Miami Marlins Jesus Luzardo (26) won the salary adjustment with the club.

MLB.com, the official MLB website, said on the 4th (Korean time), “Luzardo won the salary adjustment hearing. Luzardo will receive $2.45 million (about 3.06 billion won) in 2023.” 메이저사이트

In the big leagues, if a player who has played full-time for more than three years cannot agree on an annual salary with the club, the annual salary is adjusted through the Salary Adjustment Committee.

Luzardo, who made his big league debut in 2019, was the first year he qualified for arbitration.

Unlike Luzardo, who wanted $2.45 million, the Miami team offered an annual salary of $2.1 million (2.62 billion won). A salary adjustment hearing sided with Luzardo.

He played in 18 games last year, recording 4 wins and 7 losses with an ERA of 3.32.

The media evaluated Luzardo’s performance in the 2022 season, saying, “From mid-May to August 2, I struggled with a left forearm injury, but it was solid.”

Luzardo is expected to keep the Miami starting mound this year along with Sandy Alcantara, Trevor Rogers, Edward Cabrera and Johnny Cueto.

On the other hand, Miami also lost the salary adjustment to Luzardo following Luis Araes the day before.

Araes, who became the American League (AL) batting champion last year, requested an annual salary of 6.1 million dollars (7.63 billion won) for the 2023 season, but Miami offered 5 million dollars (6.25 billion won).

The salary adjustment hearing held that Araes should receive $6.1 million.

Araes became the first player to beat a club in a major league salary adjustment hearing this winter.

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