“My other brother, thank you”….Lee Kang-in shows off his ‘bromance’ with Um Won-sang


National soccer team midfielder Lee Kang-in (21, PSG) showed off his “bromance” with his teammate Um Won-sang (23, Ulsan).

Lee Kang-in uploaded a photo of training, shoulder-to-shoulder, and conversation with Um Won-sang on his SNS on the 14th, saying, “Thank you, my other brother, for always being by my side.”

Lee Kang-in is two years younger than Um Won-sang, but the two have been close to each other since they shared the FIFA U20 World Cup in 2019.

In particular, Um Won-sang reportedly took good care of Lee Kang-in, who was just in the Korean age-specific national team at the time and was not good at expressing Korean.

The two worked together to secure the runner-up at the 2019 U20 World Cup by showing the perfect combination of Lee Kang-in stabbing and Um Won-sang breaking through the background.

At the upcoming national team call-up, the two players showed off their strong friendship by frequently joining each other during training sessions. Lee Kang-in played 57 minutes in the match against Singapore and 77 minutes in the match against China, while Eom Won-sang played 33 minutes in the match against Singapore. 메이저사이트

Meanwhile, Lee Kang-in enjoyed the joy of uploading “victory photos” and Taegeukgi-shaped emoticons taken together by the team in the locker room after the victory against China on SNS on the same day.

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