‘Owner’, the main character of the 1st set reversal “Baron shows his physical strength and steals with reaction speed, not sense”


‘Owner’ Hyeon-jun Moon explained the situation at the time of the pentakill between Baron Steel in the first set and Min-hyeong ‘Kumayushi’ in the second set.

On the 8th, in the 2nd match of the 4th week and 1st day of the ‘2023 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) Spring’ held at Roll Park in Jongno-gu, Seoul, T1 defeated Brion and rose to the top spot alone. ‘Owner’ Hyeon-jun Moon and ‘Keria’ Min-seok Ryu had a pleasant day as they rose to the top of the POG with their team’s 6th win in the split. Moon Hyun-joon said, “We had 6 wins, but it’s been a long time since we won 2:0. It feels good with a 2:0 victory and POG,” and Ryu Min-seok said, “It was the first game after the patch change, and Brion is a team that follows the meta well. I’m glad it worked out well. “, he said of the game. 스포츠토토

Moon Hyeon-joon took the lead in the team’s victory by firmly guarding the front line of T1 as Sejuani. When asked if Sejuani would soon become Moon Hyeon-joon, he replied “No” and joked, “I don’t really want to play a champion like Sejuani. I will pray that the meta will change soon.” Regarding the confrontation with ‘Umti’ Seong-hyun Um, he added, “I felt like a good player as I thought. I played too much in the beginning of the first set, but if it wasn’t for that, it would have been better.”

In the first set, T1 had a kill score of 2:6 until the early and middle of the game, but at the timing of Brion’s Baron burst, he and Steel turned the tide of the battle with a teammate victory. Moon Hyeon-jun said, “Since last year, I’ve been using predictive strikes against Baron and Dragon.

The POG in the first set was Moon Hyeon-jun, but Ryu Min-seok also showed a high ultimate hit rate with Ashe. Regarding the evaluation of Ashe as a pioneer, Ryu Min-seok said, “I came out of solo rank and scrim while preparing for MSI last year, but I didn’t use it in the tournament. It is said that I am a pioneer, but I like Ashe.” On the other hand, regarding Sona, whom she met as her opponent in the second set, she recalled, “The analyst talked about Sona from time to time, but I didn’t expect her because I hadn’t faced her in person. She was a tricky opponent.”

Nami, who gave Ryu Min-seok the second POG, has appeared 29 times so far in the 2023 LCK Spring, but it was Ryu Min-seok that day who received the POG for the first time. Even Ryu Min-seok said in a previous POG interview that supporters should not play Yumi-Lulu-Nami as a tip to receive POG. “A natural disaster happened today,” said Ryu Min-seok, who joked, “It was sad to see that I didn’t receive POG even though there were many people who were better at Nami than me. I was lucky.”

When Moon Hyun-joon achieved a penta-kill in the second set of ‘Kumayushi’ Lee Min-hyeong, he joked, “I’m not sure if ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok lost the penta-kill, but I tried to steal it.

Ryu Min-seok, who gave gifts for the 3rd anniversary of his debut to the fans and broadcasters who visited the scene that day, said, “I am always receiving undeserved love. I thought about how to repay you. Fans say that you can repay them with grades, but I wanted to repay you with something else. Thank you. And I love you,” and ended the interview by expressing gratitude.

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