Seo Jin-soo, the Jeju UTD sign board that is experiencing ‘growth pain’… “I’m going to break the egg”


“An egg is a bird’s world. Anyone who wants to be born must destroy a world.”

The famous phrase in the novel “Damian.” Did he say that he can be reborn as the true me when he breaks an egg? Seo Jin-soo (23), the flagship player of Jeju United in the K-League 1 in the professional soccer, is a stagnant player from the outside. He had five goals in 25 games in the 2022 season and five goals and two assists in 34 games in the 2023 season, but he has only one goal and one assist until the 19th round this season.

However, Seo confidently said, “That’s just an offensive point. I’m sure my performance has improved,” adding, “I’m told that it’s stagnant, but I’m growing every day.”

I heard about Seo Jin-soo’s growing pains and his mindset to break eggs when I met him in Seogwipo, Jeju.

Due to the nature of Jeju United, it is not easy for the team to develop players from youth to “sex bone” compared to other teams and become a professional player. Seo Jin-soo, however, is one of the few “youth bone” players. Born in Yangsan, South Gyeongsang Province, he sent his students from Ulsan, which is close to Yangsan, to a middle school, and thought he could go on to Ulsan Hyundai High School, the youth team of Ulsan Hyundai. However, at the recommendation of adults, he headed to the Jeju United Youth Team, where he opened his eyes.

“Actually, when I was young, I was excited to fly. It was amazing and fun to fly to the land on an expedition,” a smiling Seo Jin-soo said. “I originally liked the technique, but as I grew taller in high school, my opponent became easier. Honestly, I wanted to go to college, but then Jeju professional team coach Cho Seong-hwan (currently Incheon United coach) came in person about four times and persuaded me to come to the pro team immediately. So I joined the team right after graduating from high school. Now that I think about it, I am truly grateful to Coach Cho for his dedication to high school students.”

Seo Jin-soo, who came to Jeju Jeil High School and went all the way to Jeju United Team due to the adults’ circumstances, said, “I sincerely don’t think so. Honestly, would I have been able to get a chance to become a professional if I went to another school? And if I went to college, would I have been able to become a professional so quickly?”

In fact, Seo Jin-soo recorded four assists in 11 matches during his professional debut season in 2019. Notably, he recorded a “help hat trick” with three assists in a game against FC Seoul in July 2019, becoming the first teenage player to record a help hat trick in the history of the K-League.

However, the appointment of Nam Ki-il, an “expert for promotion” in the 2020 season, will change the fate of promising future players. Seo was recommended to change his position to a side winger instead of a central striker midfielder, but he couldn’t adjust to the position. In the end, he played only five games in the 2020 season and had no choice but to leave as 토토사이트 a manager to resolve his military service.

“Sangmu became a turning point. He was a small-sized player who avoided physical fights, but through weight training in Sangmu, he has developed muscle strength and physical strength, and has become a player who can breakthrough and even physical fight, which is his strength. Also, Sangmu’s soccer team was comfortable and played freely regardless of grades, so the players played with more confidence. I even pledged that I should play soccer with the same comfortable mindset these days. Coach Nam Ki-il, who had not been watching me before joining the military, visited me to greet me from the military and gave me a chance to play, saying, “I feel much better.” The opportunity that I wanted so much in Jeju Island is now that I went to Sangmu.”

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