SSG Choi Jeong supports artificial joint surgery for the underprivileged with International Baro Hospital… 29 home runs → 29 people supported


SSG Rangers’ Choi Jeong-jeong supports artificial joint surgery for the underprivileged through the ‘Home Run of Love Campaign’ with the Korea International Baro Hospital.

For every home run that Choi hits in the regular season, the SSG Landers will support the co-payment for an artificial joint surgery for an underprivileged person in the Incheon area.

This season, Choi hit 29 home runs, and 29 underprivileged patients with degenerative arthritis will receive support through this campaign. 보스토토 도메인

Choi said, “I have always received great love through baseball, so I participated in the campaign to give back. I’m proud to have been able to help so many people over the years, and I’m grateful to the International Baro Hospital for always doing good deeds,” said Choi.

Including this campaign, Choi has supported a total of 358 underprivileged patients in Incheon for 12 years, since 2012.

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