“Tenhach ‘Ke’ disappointed” “160 billion” Kane failed to transfer to Manchester United…Next target is KIM colleague, problem ‘more expensive than Kane’

Manchester United eventually collected interest in Harry Kane.

Rumors of Kane’s transfer to Manchester United have continued since the second half of last season. Manchester United coach Eric Tenhach is 메이저놀이터 eager to strengthen his smart striker who will be responsible for a certain score every season, and Kane’s future with a year left in his contract with Tottenham after Kane failed to advance to the European League was also a hot concern for soccer fans.

In particular, coach Tenhach has expressed interest in Kane to the extent that he is close to obsession since his appointment to Manchester United, and has also been the top target of recruitment in this summer’s transfer market.

However, the British Guardian reported on the 15th (Korea Standard Time) that “Coach Tenhach was disappointed that Manchester United failed to recruit his top goal.” “However, I understood the Manchester United club’s position that it was impossible to spend excessively on a 30-year-old player with the last year of Tottenham’s contract left,” he wrote.

Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy has decided not to hand Kane over to his Premier League rival. Kane, who wants to transfer to a club in the Premier League, does not have many options other than Manchester United. Tottenham raised Kane’s transfer fee, which is about to expire, to (100 million (about 161.9 billion won).

Real Madrid is also looking for a replacement after Karim Benzema moved to Al-Itihad, Saudi Arabia. Rumor has it that he is weighing Kylian Mbappe (PSG) with Kane.

Meanwhile, Manchester United, which failed to recruit Kane, is watching the next target. Kim Min-jae’s Napoli teammate Victor Osimen is on the rise, but Osimen’s transfer fee is also astronomical like Kane. Napoli valued Nigeria’s national university Osimen at 130 million pounds (about 21.4 billion won). Manchester United is also eyeing ‘Atalanta Divinity’ Rasmus Hoylund. The 20-year-old Danish striker moved from Stuttgart to Atalanta last summer and scored nine goals in 32 league matches, but some say that he falls short of the weight of Tenhach’s expected “Man U Solver.”

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