Ucal-Dove-Ruler-TheShy, ‘Korean Night’


Excluding ‘Rich’, who is struggling in the meta, Korean mercenaries who are showing a particularly strong appearance this season decorate Saturday night.

TT-LGD, iG-FPX, and JDG-WBG face each other in the 2023 LPL Spring Day 4 Week 6, which will be held at the Hongqiao Tiandi Culture and Arts Center in Shanghai, China at 4:00 pm on the 11th.

On this day, there are splendid things to see, from 1-2 matches showing an overwhelming power difference, and a 3-set match where the ‘nemesis’ will face off.


Playoffs, last-place competition, two teams showing a significant difference in power, Thundertalk Gaming (TT) and Laogandhi Gaming (LGD) face each other.

In the recent TT match, Ucal and Hoya are showing good performance. In particular, Ucal is showing a similar performance to the rookie (TES) in the midline, lightening the footsteps of top laner Hoya through roaming.

In this match, it is clear that they will win the game with the difference in the midline. Ucal doesn’t see any mistakes this season. It’s been a long time since I showed regret in the past Twisted Fate’s use of Fate (R).

Opponent Haichao’s champ width is not very wide (centered on Silas-Ari), and it is a good thing that he cannot deal with AD champions except for Jace. In other words, there is a possibility that Yone, who was allowed to Yukal, the ‘only strong man’, will make another sortie.

Top laner Hoya’s Xanthe is also getting better. In the last game, he won by decision against top laner Harry from UP’s second team. Apart from Harry’s good looks, Hoya’s skills were one step above.

Opponent Xiaosu is not strong against range champions (Ryze, Gnar, Kennen, etc.), and Xante is rarely banned, so if you can bring in Xante who doesn’t receive a big counter to the opponent champion, it will be a comfortable top lane battle. seems to be


Will Dove’s ‘Super Hard Carry’, which was pleasing to the eye throughout, unfold once again?

In the last match against LGD, Dove of Invictus Gaming (iG) performed MVP-level in both sets. In the 1st set, he assisted the team’s initiation as Galio, who applied infinite CC to the opponent, and in the 2nd set, he played an active role as the ‘actual front line’ as Azir, turning the opponent’s Xiaosu (Jax)’s entry to no avail.

A similar trend is likely to unfold in this game as well. While there are no junglers to threaten Dove in the laning match, such as a hacker who has no particular strengths and Hao Ye, a new LPL contender, Yang Jie, who is ambiguous in the midlane, will play in the laning match itself.

Long and short is a story that needs to be seen, but unless it is for tactics such as the ‘ignorant counter jungle’ introduced by BLG, the picture of Dove ‘going to ruin’ cannot be drawn.

It’s not often mentioned, but Gideon’s performance can’t be ignored either. Gideon, who is practicing the basic skills of a jungler, ‘push an advantageous line’, is getting a smooth victory with only two meta champions, Maokai and Sejuani. As the opponent’s jungler is a jungler, there is a high possibility of a ‘smooth difference’ in this match. 스포츠토토

JDG-WBG ‘Secretary Warriors, Chopaewang’

Kanabi (Hanshin) and the Chopaewang (Theshy), who dominated the LPL, face each other again.

Carnabi has never lost a single match against TheShy from ‘Weibo Gaming’. Not only did it overwhelm all of the last 2022 Spring-Summer, but it also eliminated Weibo Gaming early in the 2022 Spring Playoffs with ‘Kill the Top’.

Warriors of State have only been defeated twice by Chopaewang. This is the last 2019 regional team selection match (2-3 loss) and 2021 spring (0-2 loss), which was the first season after joining. In fact, as TheShy who met the ‘nemesis’, it would be a headache.

What’s even more problematic is that Jingdong Gaming’s current strength is such that it competes for the world’s first or second place. In the bottom line, which was a weakness, Park “Ruler” Jae-hyeok was replaced, and Yagao, who had a slight advantage over Angel, was replaced by a more aggressive Knight. Xiaohu is not a ‘bad’ player, but he is not up to the current performance of Jingdong Gaming and Knight.

Of course, the key is, as always, the ruler. Light Jang Gwang-wi, who was evaluated as ‘constant’ by this magazine two years ago. However, it is doubtful whether he will be able to maintain his ‘constant’ in front of rulers who are showing more activity than Viper and Jackie Love.

Of course, Light also has the possibility of a head-to-head confrontation as long as the composition of Lucian-Nami/Jerry-Lulu (Yumi) is strong, but Jigs (+Rakan/Alista) and Sivir (+Karma /Renata) and other champions are likely to be brought out.

On the other hand, a ruler who can not be pushed by strength will want a ‘head-to-head confrontation’. Even if tier 1 champions are banned, champions such as Barus, Caitlyn, and Ezreal remain, and support Missing can pick up all champions except Senna, so the possibility of ban picks focusing on the bottom line is ‘extremely small’.

The splendid ‘Korean Night’ series broadcast by Korean mercenaries can be seen on the LPL official website, Chinese streaming channels (more than Chinese), YouTube-Twitch (English), and Afreeca TV (Korean).

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