Wedding rings – The best buying tips for wedding rings

There is a lot of thought when it comes to choosing an engagement ring, but what about that other piece of jewelry you will wear forever and ever, your wedding ring? Where the engagement ring is the symbol of marriage vows, the wedding ring is the symbol of actual marriage. Exchanged during the wedding ceremony, your wedding ring will tell the world that you are someone’s “other half”.

Since your wedding ring will be worn for the rest of your life, you should choose it carefully. Choosing your wedding ring will be a lot easier when you have some helpful tips to guide you. Read on to learn the best wedding ring buying tips and buy your wedding ring the smart way.

The best tips for buying wedding rings are:

Set a budget

Before you and your fiance set foot in a jewelry store, you should have a budget in mind for your wedding rings. A general guideline is to set aside 3% of your wedding budget for wedding rings. However, since the wedding budget is different for each couple, you don’t have to stick to this standard percentage. If you already have a character in mind, go for it. Having a 메이저놀이터 budget will make it a lot easier for you once the shopping starts and it will also narrow down the choices for you.

The price depends on the metal you choose and whether you want extras like diamonds or custom embellishments. A typical gold wedding ring generally costs around $150, but a platinum band with embellishments starts at around $600 and goes up from there.

Know your metals

Wedding rings are available in different materials. The most common metals for wedding rings are gold, white gold, platinum and titanium. Gold, white gold, and platinum are traditional standards, but titanium can be a good substitute if you’re allergic to certain metals or looking for a more affordable alternative.

Aside from the obvious difference in appearance of wedding ring metals, different metals will also complement your skin tone differently. Try on wedding rings made of different materials so you can see which metal suits you best.

shopping spree

If this is your first time looking for your wedding ring, check out a few different stores before you buy. Compare selection and price at a few different stores and find out which store has the right ring for you.

Since you and your fiancé both need wedding bands, stores can give you a discount if you both buy your wedding bands from the same place. But if you and your fiancé like rings in different stores, buy your rings where you like. Being happy with your ring is more important than getting a minimal discount for a ring you are not thrilled with. Beware of stores urging you to shop locally. Buying your wedding ring is a big deal and should not be a hasty decision.

Give yourself time

After you get engaged, it’s easy to get immersed in planning your wedding reception and ceremony. Between planning all the details for your wedding, buying wedding rings can get left behind. Do yourself a favor and don’t hesitate to buy wedding rings until the last minute.

Start buying wedding rings at least 2 months before your wedding date. If you want something specific or are interested in custom features like engraving, start shopping 4 months before your wedding date.

Style right

Wedding rings come in a variety of styles. You can find rings that are thin, thick, smooth, diamond studded, rounded, square and in a variety of metals. Choose a ring that suits your personal style and make sure you will wear it every day.

If you are laid back and like to dress very casually most of the time, choose a ring that complements your off-duty wardrobe. If you wear suits most of the time and tend to dress up often, choose a ring that’s a little more formal. Brides will also want to make sure their wedding ring complements the engagement ring they have already chosen.

Buying your wedding ring can be a task that is both easy and fun. Don’t wait until the last minute and consider these wedding ring buying tips. If so, you will have no trouble finding a wedding ring that you will always enjoy wearing.

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