‘YSKM’ respects ‘Raccoon’


Invictus Gaming (IG) top laner ‘YSKM’ Chow Shutak, who is causing a sensation in the LPL, has the nickname ‘TheShy’ of Hong Kong. Kang “TheShy” Seung-rok, who is active in Weibo Gaming, is one of the top laners in the LPL.

Chow Shutak, who debuted in 2021 with IG’s second-team team, IG Young, returned to IG in 2022 after playing for PCS regional Frank eSports. Chow Shutak, who showed a strong performance against the 2023 LPL Springs Royal Never Give Up (RNG), his first season back in IG, won the best rookie of the week twice (in the middle of the third week) by TJ Sports, which hosts the LPL. did.

After winning the match against Edward Gaming (EDG), he said in an interview, “The best top laners in the LPL are ‘Arre’ Hujale (EDG), ‘Bin’ Chen Zebin (BLG), ‘369’ Bai Jiahao (JDG), I think they are Kang Seung-rok of ‘TheShy’ (Weibo Gaming) and Cheon-Chun of ‘Breece’ (RNG)” and “I downed two people, and now there are three left. I want to create a miracle in the LPL.” The name of the summoner on the Korean server is becoming a hot topic. 바카라

Currently staying in the master section, his Korean server summoner name is ‘RespectNuguriz’. It can be interpreted that he respects Jang Ha-gwon, the ‘Nuguri’ who led the heyday of Damwon Kia (now D Plus Kia).

Jang Ha-kwon, who debuted at iGaming Star in 2017, moved to Damwon Kia and enjoyed his heyday. After defeating Suning (currently Weibo Gaming) at the League of Legends World Championship (Rolls Cup) held in Shanghai, China in 2020 and lifting the Summoner’s Cup, he transferred to FPX for the 2021 season and experienced the LPL. After taking a break from Spring in 2022, he returned to Damwon Kia in Summer and served as a starting pitcher before announcing his retirement.

Chinese media are also surprised by Chow Shutak’s name as a summoner. I thought of Kang Seung-rok from ‘TheShy’ because the story of Jang Ha-kwon from ‘Raccoon’ came out. It seems that the reason why ‘YSKM’ mentioned ‘Raccoon’ will be revealed after the next opponent, FPX.

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