13-year-old Kim Ga-bin won 5 under par “I will work hard in field training, I will use it as a stepping stone for growth”


At the Bridgestone Golf Invitational Junior Golf Championship, where Korean and Thai golf prospects faced each other, Korea showed off its skills one step above.

This tournament, held on the 7th at Suwan Golf & Country Club (par 72) near Bangkok, Thailand, was hosted by Seokgyo Sangsa of Korea, and 81 Korean players and 50 Thai players participated in A (born between 2008 and 2012) and B groups according to the year of birth. (Born between 2003 and 2007) and had a fierce battle.

In Group B, where high school and college students participated, Korean players Bae Jae-yoon (20) and Kim Min-seo (16) won the men’s and women’s championships respectively.

Bae Jae-yoon hit a 1-under par 71, tied with Kang Seung-won, and won the championship according to the countback score. In the men’s division of Group B, where the oldest players participated, Korean players occupied all of the 1st to 7th places, showing an advantage over Thai players. 안전놀이터

In the same group women’s game, Korean and Thai players shared the top ranks, showing equal skills.

Min-seo Kim won the championship with a 1-under par of 72, while Thai national team members Bupapong Suktem (17) and Jirachaya Jirati Tiun (both even par 72) took second and third place, showing formidable skills.

Kim Min-seo, who overcame the pursuit of Thai players and won the championship, said, “The short game went well and there were no major mistakes.”

In Group A, which competed between the ages of 11 and 20, the progress of Thai players was a little more noticeable.

In the group A women’s game, Kim Ga-bin (13), who recorded the lowest score by hitting 5 under par 67, won the championship, and Thailand’s Kochakom Nimnua (1 under par 71) rose to second place.

Thailand is similar to Korea. In recent years, female players have grown rapidly and are competing with Korea on the world stage. In particular, on the LPGA tour, Atya Titikul, Eriya Jutanugarn, and Patty Tawatanagit compete with Korean players to win the title. In this tournament, all of the women’s matches by group were closely contested, showing a similar phenomenon to the professional stage.

Gabin Kim said, “There were almost no shot misses, and I was able to win because I played well on the green.” Then, she said, “It was a good experience to play with a Thai player. Unlike Korean players, she has a good shot sense and her sophisticated appearance was impressive,” she said.

In the men’s division of the same group, both the first and second places were taken by Thai players. Ratanan Tantibong shot a 2 under par 70 to tie with Urawit Joempong, but won ahead of the countback. In the group game, the only Korean player to not be named within the second place was the A group men’s game.

Hosted by Korean company Seokgyo Trading, this competition was held again in three years due to the spread of Corona 19 after the first competition in 2020. It was held to give Korean and local players who came to Thailand for field training a chance to compete and gain experience on the international stage.

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