5 years, 10 billion ‘super-large jackpot’…KT and Ko Young-pyo signed their first non-FA multi-year contract


A five-year, 10 billion won mega contract has been signed!

KT Wiz is making a new history. It will sign a non-FA multi-year contract for the first time since its foundation. The main character is Ko Young-pyo, the franchise star and the top submarine selection in the league. KT has prepared a large amount of 10 billion won to catch Ko Young-pyo.

As a result of sports shipbuilding coverage, KT and Ko Young-pyo agreed to a non-FA multi-year contract. Only the announcement is left. The condition is five years of the contract and a total of 10 billion won. It is the sum of guarantees and incentives. The expression of 10 billion won is because the amount may be slightly changed during the final detailed coordination process such as incentives. There is a possibility of slightly exceeding 10 billion won.

Ko Young-pyo, who graduated from Dongguk University and received the second round of the rookie draft in 2014, is actually a “creative member” of KT. Since KT entered the first division from the 2015 season, it spent all the years together from the time when it was struggling to finish last to winning the grand prize in the 2021 season.

Over the past three years, Ko has elevated himself to the top starting pitcher in the league, surpassing the title of submarine. He has won 11-13-12 since the 2021 season. He has become the first pitcher with 10 wins for the third consecutive year in KT’s history. In fact, he is hardly a top-rated ace in terms of wins. However, in summary, he is 100 percent nutritious. In all three seasons, he exceeded the stipulated number of innings full-time. The least number of innings he pitched was 166 ⅔s in 2021. In two of them, he had earned run average (ERA) in the two-run range.

The key was quality start (more than six innings pitched, and less than three earned runs). The highest standard to evaluate stability as a starter. If a starter makes a quality start, the team’s probability of winning the game will increase significantly. With 21 starts in the 2023 season, he ranked first among indigenous starters and second overall. Since he has recorded more than 20 quality starts for three consecutive years, no further explanation is needed for his performance. 마카오토토주소

At the end of this season, Ko was expected to become a free agent for the first time in his career. While there are many big names for fielders, he lacks the starting resources. As a college graduate, Ko is still 33 years old. However, critics say that he is highly likely to enjoy his prime time for the next five to six years as he is not the type to deal with batters in ball power and is well-known for being diligent and good at taking care of his body. Therefore, if he moves to the FA market, many teams were certain to jump in.

As a result, KT proactively took actions. In the New Year, KT has set up negotiation table with Ko Young-pyo. KT offered Ko the best condition to do from the beginning, expressing its sincere desire to hold onto him. There was nothing to push and pull. He shook Ko’s heart with the ultra-special treatment of hundreds of millions of won (three-digit number of dollars). He had great aspiration to keep the franchise star, who represents the team, based on basic performance in baseball. He also completed early calculation that it was not an unreasonable investment. Based on various figures, it was determined that the amount was needed to keep Ko Young-pyo, who is playing as an ace in foreign countries. The immediate targets are NC Dinos’ Koo Chang-mo (6+1 years maximum 13.2 billion won), and Lotte Giants’ Park Se-woong (5 years total 9 billion won). By comparing the contracts between the two, one can estimate Ko’s ransom standard to some extent.

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