A new history of the Citizens’ Club… Gwangju FC, 2nd place


These days, the momentum of professional soccer team Gwangju FC is scary.

Despite the harsh conditions, the Citizens’ Club is writing a new history by defeating K-League 1 leader Ulsan last weekend.짱구카지노

0-0, a tense 42nd minute in the second half!

Focusing on defense throughout the game, they steal the goal and attack the opponent’s net with a quick counterattack.

A spectacular goal at the end of the game!

This is the moment when Gwangju FC catches K-League powerhouse Ulsan Hyundai.

With this goal, Gwangju FC won its first win in Final A, a competition between the top six teams, and moved one step closer to qualifying for the Asian Champions League, which is given to the third place in the K League.

[Lee Kun-hee/Gwangju FC Attacker: “We are not complacent here and are aiming at a higher goal, so I think we will be able to show a better performance, so I would appreciate it if you would come visit us more in the future.”] He was the number one candidate for relegation ahead of this season

. Gwangju FC is writing K-League history with every game.

Although it is a citizen club with the lowest player salary in K-League 1, it is ranked high in all indicators, including 1st place in least goals conceded and 2nd place in goal difference by defeating corporate clubs with many star players one after another.

Coach Lee Jeong-hyo, who leads the team with excellent mercenary skills, expressed regret over the poor situation of the team, but stated that producing results is the priority, and that his goal is to rise to second place.

[Lee Jeong-hyo/Gwangju FC Manager: “I am lacking, the club is lacking, and especially the environment is lacking. So, I think we will try to win once after we have improved a bit.”]

Gwangju FC is shaking up the K-League landscape beyond being a sensational promoted team.

Gwangju FC will challenge for second place in K League 1 with 4 consecutive wins against Incheon at home on the 28th.

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