A word from the WBC command tower that made Yang Eui-ji laugh at his ‘firm will’


Coach Lee Kang-cheol of the WBC (World Baseball Classic) national team conveyed his determination to participate in the tournament at the ‘2023 WBC National Team Press Conference’ held at the Riviera Hotel in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul on the afternoon of the 16th

. I will use this as an opportunity and prepare for young players and veterans to play as many games as possible.”

Yang Eui-ji had a serious expression throughout the press conference, despite his strong defensive power, seasoned pitcher lead, and outstanding appearance at batting, but poor bat performance in international competitions.

Eui-ji Yang has a batting average of 0.169 (14 hits in 83 at-bats) in 31 games in international competitions, which is considerably lower than that of the KBO League. 먹튀검증

At the press conference, Yang Eui-ji said, “Thank you for choosing me even though I didn’t get good results. I will prepare well so that I can restore my honor.”

In addition, he said, “Honestly, when I was sluggish, I was not physically fit and I was not prepared. I will do well this time and show results.”

Coach Lee Kang-cheol looked at Yang Eui-ji about his determination to face Japan and said, “Yang Eui-ji has to hit well. Emphasized.

▲ Director Lee Kang-chul is looking at Yang Eui-ji, saying “(Yang) Eui-ji should do well.”

Meanwhile, the Korean national team, which belongs to Group B in the first round of the WBC, is set to face Japan on March 10 at the Tokyo Dome.

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