AS Roma “Mamma Mia! Kim”→’25 years ago retro uniform’ she wore ‘2.3 million enthusiastic’


She just wore a uniform. However, it is said that the club’s search terms increased by a whopping 2.3 million.

Wearing the soccer jersey is model and actress Kim Kardashian. She is a huge influencer. He has 340 million followers on Instagram alone.

Then she appeared wearing the uniform of her prestigious Serie A club, AS Roma. It also wore a retro uniform top from the 1997-98 season.

Then, more than 2.3 million fans searched for AS Roma. The club may have been surprised by the sudden interest, but I am just grateful that the fans showed interest. 토토사이트

British media reported that fans’ interest in AS Roma has exploded thanks to Kim Kardashian. It’s unclear what Kim Kardashian intended to wear this retro AS Roma kit. But she was caught on camera walking to a parking lot in the uniform last week in Los Angeles.

She said the clothes she wore were her AS Roma 20+ year old retro uniform. Perhaps, actress and model Kim Kardashian’s fans showed interest in her unconventional outfit, and she responded explosively to reveal the identity of the outfit.

According to an analysis of a site, Google searches for the term ‘AS Roma’ have increased by a whopping 2894% over the average search volume over the past week.

Personal searches increased by 2.3 million in two days. AS Roma’s official social media also responded to this sudden interest.

Along with a picture of Kim Kardashian, the main page said, ‘Mamma Mia Kim!’ Thank you. Mamma mia is a word used as an exclamation such as ‘Oh my God’ and ‘My God’. It is interpreted as meaning ‘Oh my God, Cardisian wears our uniform…’. About 300,000 people clicked likes.

The retro jersey worn by Kim Kardisian is from the days of AS Roma legend Francesco Totti.

The company that did the research probably expected AS Roma’s jersey sales to rise significantly. It is also priced at around $100 now, but it could soon be sold at an exorbitant price in the reseller market, he said.

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