Big brother runs… Kim Tae-hwan, the ‘oldest’ in the Korean history Asian Cup, has the ‘best’ desire to win


It’s a passion and a desire to win.

Kim Tae-hwan, the right fullback of the Korean national soccer team, is the oldest among the 26 players. Born in 1989, the only player born in the 1980s, age is just a number. He is passionate about playing on and off the field and never lags behind younger players.

At the Al-Eglah Training Center in Doha, Qatar, Kim started his semifinal match against Jordan at 10 p.m. on Tuesday (Korea time). As usual, he tied up his soccer shoes tightly and stepped on the lawn. He warmed up by turning the ball with his players, and participated in the training in a serious manner.

If the training was conducted with a focus on “recovery” by warming up with rondo (ball spinning) since the quarterfinals against Australia on the 3rd, the training was conducted with a pole stand. There was a blue scab on the right and a red scab on the left, and after stepping on the color of the coach’s shouting, he passed the finish line with a sprint.

Kim Tae-hwan also stood at the line. He also showed off his agility among younger teammates and displayed a desire to win by cutting the finish line first. He showed off his temperament as a fighter by glaring at the finish line until the end while biting his teeth.

Kim Tae-hwan became the only player to rank No. 1 in the quarterfinals against Australia. After playing in the round of 16 against Saudi Arabia, Kim was on par with Cha Du-ri (34 years and 190 days) in the record of being the oldest player in the Korean Asian Cup, and he became the only player to hold this record (34 years and 193 days) as he played in the match against Australia.

He is reinvigorating his national team. He has been waiting in the bench for a long time due to pain in his calf. He played in the first and second group matches as substitutes, and displayed tireless energy as he started the final group match against Malaysia, the blood fight against Saudi Arabia in the 120th minute of the round of 16 and the quarterfinal against Australia.

Like a veteran, he has done more than his part by maintaining his balance and composure, showing “old age.” 마카오카지노

Meanwhile, the Korean national team is in full swing due to the victory that ended the match against Australia in the quarterfinals on the 3rd. Starting with the round of 16 against Saudi Arabia, the team won a “dramatic victory” for more than 120 minutes in two consecutive matches through the quarterfinals.

“I wrote a lot of dramas on my way here. I got positive factors as a team. I have to play with confidence. As a coach, it is important to create an atmosphere for the players and give them faith. Many people in Korea trust and support us without sleeping late. There is a considerable amount of motivation and positive atmosphere,” he said.

All 26 players stood on the ground and fully trained on this day’s training without any breakaways.

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