Brion conquers Guangdong with the performance of ‘Umti’ brought out by Lilia… Achieved 2 consecutive wins


Brion succeeded in achieving two consecutive victories.

On the 21st, at the LCK Arena located in Lol Park, Jongno-gu, Seoul, the first round of the ‘2023 LCK Spring’ regular season, Brion vs. Guangdong Freecs, took place.

On this day, in Brion, Roo-Han Park “Morgan”, Seong-Hyun Um “Eom-Tee”, Hong-Jo Kim “Karis”, Jeung-Hwan Park “Henna” Lee Sang-Ho “Effort” came out, and Dong-Ju “Doo-Du” Lee, Young-Jae Ko “Young-Jae”, Tae-Young “Bulldog” Lee, Kim “Tae-yoon” Tae-yoon and Jeong “Mohammed” Jae-hoon took part.

In the third set, Brion picked Renekton, Lilia, Azir, Lucian, and Nami, while Kwangdong picked Nar, Wukong, Karma, Jerry, and Lulu.

‘Youngjae’ killed the first dragon, the Flame Dragon, while ‘Henna’ and ‘Effort’ went home, and ‘Umti’ tried mid-ganking after killing the messenger and caught ‘Bulldog’.

Brion, who took the second dragon, the wind dragon, won the messenger fight afterwards, knocking down ‘mothership’ and ‘dudu’ and even destroying the 1st mid turret.

As the third dragon, the Sea Dragon, came out and the two teams gathered, a large-scale teamfight was held. Brion made a plan to catch ‘Taeyun’ through ‘Morgan’s surprise attack, but failed, and lost ‘Umti’ and ‘Morgan’ in a counterattack by Guangdong.

온라인바카라 When the fourth dragon, the Sea Dragon, appeared, another 5:5 battle unfolded, and this time Brion won. Brion attacked without missing the loophole in the Guangdong position, and after winning the teamfight, he took both the dragon and the baron.

Riding the momentum, Brion exploded ‘Bulldog’ and ‘Doo-Doo’ from the bottom and defeated the fifth dragon, the Sea Dragon. Then, through Baron Fishing, Guangdong was pushed out and the Baron Buff was obtained.

In the unfavorable situation, Guangdong continued to play aggressively and tried to turn the atmosphere around, but Brion’s power was strong. After defeating the sixth dragon, the Sea Dragon, and winning another teamfight, Brion moved forward and destroyed the Nexus, achieving two victories in a row.

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