“Challenge for president.” BAL even before the start. “Last year’s ace left.”


Bad news has happened for the Baltimore Orioles, who are trying to run for the presidency. Kyle Bradish (28), who should lead the mound in the top selection team, suffered an elbow injury.

U.S. sports channel ESPN reported on the 16th (Korea time) that Brady was diagnosed with a ruptured UCL in his right elbow.

However, Brady does not immediately get on the operating table. The media added that Brady has received self-serum injections (PRP) and plans to keep throwing balls. 꽁머니지급

In other words, Brady is expected to decide whether to pitch or not after being placed on the injured list after PRP injection treatment and watching his elbow condition.
This injury usually leads to elbow ligament joint surgery (Tommy John surgery). Fast surgery may be better than wasting time with PRP injections and other treatments.

Brady, in his second year in the major leagues, pitched 1682/3 innings in 30 games last year, leading the Baltimore mound with a 12-7 record and a 2.83 ERA.

As a result, Brady was highly anticipated to take charge of Baltimore’s top starters in the 2024 season along with Corbin Burns (30), who was recently recruited.
However, Baltimore’s plans started to deviate even before the opening of the season. The departure of Ace, who led the mound last year, will come as a huge shock.

If Brady is expected to leave for a long time, there is a possibility that Baltimore will try to sign a starting pitcher in the trade market. Baltimore’s palm is very abundant.

This is because Baltimore is aiming for the 2024 season based on a strong lineup, although it is a team that has several starting resources besides Brady.

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