‘Cheongunmanma’ Native ace 1st team imminent return “Na Gyun-an condition 100%… 4th Hanwha selection sortie”


 Na Kyun-an, who has emerged as a native ace of the Lotte Giants, is about to return to the first team.

Lotte will play against the Doosan Bears at Munsu Baseball Stadium in Ulsan on the 30th. Lotte coach Larry Sutton, who we met before the game, laughed, saying, “There are about 12 games left in the first half, and key players such as Na Gyun-an, Choi Jun-yong, and Noh Jin-hyuk are about to return. It feels like a strong reinforcement is coming.”

Na Gyun-an has accompanied the first team since the last Busan series and is reconsidering the timing of his return. His return to the first team was imminent. Coach Sutton explained, “If it doesn’t rain anymore and everything goes as planned, we will start against the Hanwha Eagles on Tuesday (4th). However, the weather is a variable.”

In addition to Na Kyun-an, Choi Jun-yong is also training with the 1st team. Rex, an outside hitter suffering from a chronic knee injury, is also recovering. Coach Sutton said, “Rex is a player who works really hard. He put in a lot of effort to overcome it. Signs that he is improving a lot this week appeared,” he said.토토사이트

Lee In-bok, who played two games after returning, is also well-received for his unique quick game and control. Manager Sutton said, “Last year, the movement and ball distribution were fine, but there were parts where the control did not go as expected. This year, I threw 6 innings, but I didn’t have a little luck. I feel that the ball is a little high. I will return as the Lee In-bok I know. Looking back on the past two games, Lee In-bok will be included in the starting rotation for the time being,” he smiled.

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