Coach Kim Doo-hyun, who showed a possibility during his acting days, will there finally be a “warm breeze” in Jeonbuk… The coaches remain the same


Jeonbuk Hyundai in the K-League 1 has appointed former head coach Kim Doo-hyun as its official coach. There has been no change in the coaching staff.

Jeonbuk Hyundai officially announced on the 27th that it has appointed former head coach Kim Doo-hyun as the 8th head coach.

Jeonbuk said goodbye to coach Dan Petrescu early last month after failing to pull the team out of the slump by posting five winless games since the opening of this season. Since then, it has given coach Park Won-jae the temporary job.

However, Jeonbuk did not feel the warmth easily. As of Thursday, the team was at the bottom of the list, ranking 14th and 10th with three wins, five draws and six losses.

Jeonbuk has appointed former head coach Kim Doo-hyun as its new coach to lead the team to turn the tide. There has been no change in the coaching staff. The existing Jeonbuk coaching staff, including coach Park Won-jae, will assist the new coach.

Since Kim Sang-sik, who resigned midway last year, Kim Doo-hyun has coached nine games as an acting Jeonbuk coach. He had six wins, two draws, and one loss (17 points and six losses).

Back then, coach Kim Doo-hyun was praised for rapidly enhancing the cohesion of the team through customized coaching methods for players. A case in point is Baek Seung-ho. He made a comeback during his term as acting coach Kim Doo-hyun and successfully transferred to Birmingham City, then the second division of England, in January this year.

After the last season, Kim gave the baton to Petrescu, and served as China’s senior coach. He continued to show leadership by leading his team to second place in the league this season.

Announcing the appointment of head coach Kim Doo-hyun, Jeonbuk explained, “I highly appreciated his ability and potential value, including not only the results of the game, but also a thorough analysis of various tactics and opposing teams, and accurate role instructions to players during the game.”

“We went through a careful review process to reconsider the team’s management philosophy and mid- to long-term direction and appoint a new coach who best suits it. As a result, it took longer than expected for (Kim Doo-hyun) to be appointed as the final coach,” he said.

When he was an active player, he played for West Bromwich in the English Premier League in 2008, Suwon Samsung and Seongnam Ilhwa. He was nicknamed “genius midfielder.” He had many experiences including 62 games for the national team including the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany and the 2007 AFC Asian Cup.

“I feel grateful and very responsible for giving me the opportunity at an important time,” new coach Kim Doo-hyun said, adding, “I will do my best to regain Jeonbuk’s reputation by putting everything in my power to prove the results of the faith sent by the club and many others.” 스포츠토토

Kim Doo-hyun, the new coach, will join the team on Friday and start his official career as Jeonbuk coach. He will then take the helm of the Jeonbuk team from an away match against Gangwon FC in the 15th round of the K-League 1 on Saturday.

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