College basketball will also change to Molten basketball


Like men’s and women’s professional basketball, college basketball also uses Molten basketballs.

The Korea Basketball Association could not renew the contract with Nike, which was the official sponsor of the national team. The influence led to the change of the official ball.

Each university is preparing for the opening of the college basketball league by holding winter training. The basketballs they use in training or practice games are Molten basketballs, not familiar Nikes.

It is said that college teams had a hard time purchasing the changed official ball. The Korea Basketball Association told me where to buy an official ball, but it was not stocked as much as I wanted.

At least, because the ball is the same as the KBL official ball, each university purchased even a basketball with the logo of a professional team.

In addition, the budget was set for the purchase of basketballs in the first place, but the changed Molten basketballs were about twice as expensive as the existing Nike basketballs, so it was said that they could not purchase the desired quantity.

For reference, middle and high schools also use Molten basketballs. However, it is a basketball made of a different material than that used in professional basketball or colleges.

Both male and female professional basketball players said that the Molten basketball was slippery when they first used it. The same goes for college players. 스포츠토토

Kim Jeong-hyeon (Sangmyung University) said, “The Molten ball is slippery and lighter than the Nike ball. However, the Molten ball flies a little more and goes in well. At first, it was very slippery and I couldn’t get used to it. Because of the quality, it is better than a Nike ball.”

Lee Gyeong-do (Dankook University) said, “At first, I couldn’t adapt, I didn’t shoot, and the ball fell out.” Once you get used to it, it sticks well to your hand. Molten balls, however, differ slightly from ball to ball. It takes a lot of practice to fully adapt.”

Hwang Young-chan (Kyung Hee University) said, “It is much better (than the Nike basketball). He seems to be feeling better. As for the grip, Nike is good, but there is a feeling that cannot be expressed in words.” Really good. The grip feels good in my hand. It’s so much better than a Nike ball.”

The college basketball league, which will use Molten basketballs, is scheduled to open in early March.

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