De La Cruz, ‘3 stolen bases in 1 minute’… is this possible


In the US Major League, a rare scene came out that I would like to see in my life. Cincinnati’s De La Cruz stole 2nd, 3rd, and home in just one minute, recording three stolen bases in one at-bat.

This is Reporter Bae Jeong-hoon.


De La Cruz made the winning run by hitting a timely hit with one RBI in the 7th inning against Milwaukee 5-5.

This hit was the prelude to an outstanding performance.

After successfully stealing second base on the next batter’s second pitch, he stole third base on the fourth pitch without giving the catcher a chance to throw.

What happened next was overwhelming.

[Jump home! Home was stolen! De la Cruz, the most dynamic player, steals 2nd base, 3rd base and home!] 토토사이트

After receiving the ball from the catcher, the pitcher headed for the mound took a chance to look elsewhere and successfully made a home steal.

It took less than a minute to successfully steal 3 bases.

De La Cruz became the first major league player to steal three bases in one at-bat in 54 years since 1969.

San Diego’s Kim Ha-seong lost face with an embarrassing injury.

Yesterday (8th), after hitting a double in the 7th one-out, which was a 3-3 tie, ran to 3rd base and was out, kicked a water bottle in anger at dugout, and injured the big toe of his right foot.

After a close examination, it was revealed that it was not a major injury, but the pain remained and he missed today’s match against the New York Mets.

Kim Ha-seong expressed his feelings of reflection to his colleagues and fans, saying that this would never happen again.

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