Director Lee Junghyo of “The Controversial Press Conference”… “Did you need to do that, Father Hyo?”


Gwangju FC manager Lee Jung-hyo is embroiled in a controversy over a press conference. A coach who knows the way to improve his team and the weight of his remarks makes one wonder, “Should we go this far?”

Gwangju drew 1-1 against Incheon United in the 14th round of Hana Bank K League 1 2024 at Incheon Football Stadium at 7 p.m. on the 25th.

Gwangju City, which took the lead with Choi Kyung-rok’s header in the first minute of the second half, allowed Mugosa, Incheon, to lose a penalty kick in the eighth minute of extra time in the second half, which resulted in a draw. Striker Victorious gave up a penalty kick after being hit by a ball in the arm while competing in the box in Gwangju.

According to the sources, Coach Lee Jung-hyo, who participated in the press conference after the draw, consistently responded to reporters’ questions. When asked about what he told the players after the match, he said, “I can’t tell you,” and asked if he had watched Heo Yul’s performance evaluation in person.

When one of the reporters demanded respect for the press conference, director Lee argued, asking questions with respect.

Lee’s hot press conference style, coupled with Gwangju’s stellar performance, greatly helped the team’s popularity. Notably, he was at the center of the issue last season by making remarks that could provoke the opponent team, including “I’m upset that I lost to a team that plays such soccer,” and “I’m curious about Petrescu’s annual salary,” leading Gwangju to third place and advance to the ACLE. It was only natural that fans were paying keen attention to Lee, who displayed both leadership and star quality.

Of course, Gwangju has been on the ups and downs of winning two games in a row this season, ranking seventh in the league with five wins, one draw and eight losses. Given last season’s expectations, the team showed disappointing performance. However, it is still competitive enough to rank among the top teams with at least two wins in a row, and beat the top-ranked Ulsan team on Saturday, just 10 days before its away match in Incheon. As such, Gwangju is still a “hot” team in the K-League, and coach Lee Jung-hyo is still popular. Some say that their rebound is imminent. 메이저사이트

Therefore, it is regrettable that coach Lee Jung-hyo took a stand at the press conference on the day. Team Korea, which has to make a rebound, may have difficulty concentrating due to the coach’s unexpected remarks and actions. In particular, it is regrettable that a father-like figure who emphasizes player growth most and protects players at the press conference acted unexpectedly.

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