Director of Ansan Greeners Lim Kwan-sik and Lee Ji-seung warn of violation of political neutrality obligations


The Korea Professional Football Federation (hereinafter referred to as the Federation) held the 2nd reward and punishment committee on the 29th and decided to punish Ansan Greeners coach Lim Kwan-sik and Lee Ji-seung for warning against violating their political neutrality obligations.

The disciplinary action is related to the case in which director Lim Kwan-sik and Lee Ji-seung visited the office of a candidate for the National Assembly on the 15th and 17th, respectively, and took a commemorative photo with a uniform and a sign ball. The above commemorative photo was reported together in the article of the candidate, but it was deleted in a day due to the request of director Lim Kwan-sik and Lee Ji-seung. 고소득알바

Lim Kwan-sik and Lee Ji-seung said they knew they had to remain politically neutral as K-League members, but they did not know that visiting them unofficially and taking pictures was a violation of their duty of neutrality. It was also not an official schedule.

The federation’s reward and punishment committee determined that neither director Lim Kwan-sik nor Lee Ji-seung engaged in political activities with political intentions and purposes. However, it was decided to issue a warning in order to urge caution because they acted inappropriate to mislead political neutrality in the sensitive situation ahead of the parliamentary election.

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