“Don’t dribble here!”… Former Barcelona defender arguing with Messi → Guardiola personally mediates


Raphael Marquez, a former Barcelona defender, revealed an anecdote with Messi.

“Barcelona’s former star Rafael Marquez said Pep Guardiola once had to intervene to prevent a dispute between Marquez and Lionel Messi,” British media “Goal Dotcom” reported on the 11th (Korea time).

Marquez is regarded as the best defender in Mexican history. He was not a fast-footed defender, made many mistakes, and was not one of the best defenders of the time, but he was highly regarded for his outstanding sweatshirt defense, neat tackles, and ability to deploy attacks.

Starting his European soccer career with AS Monaco in 1999, Marquez also played the best role in his team’s league victory by showing perfect defense in Monaco. Afterwards, Marquez, who moved to Barcelona in 2003, worked with Puyol in charge of Barcelona’s defense.

He was in charge of the dream team, but after Guardiola took over, he was pushed out of the starting lineup, eventually handing over the position to Pique in 2010, leaving Barcelona for the U.S. MLS. Marquez, who also played with Messi, explained that he felt a wall due to Messi’s continuous dribbling during training. Marquez constantly lost his mind and ran towards Messi, who was a young player at the time, and as the argument ensued, Guardiola, the coach at the time, intervened.

Márquez told Yordi Rosada, “We knew Messi could dribble to three or four players, but he sometimes overplayed. We tried to instruct Messi, saying, ‘Dribble here, don’t dribble here.'” 월카지노

He added, “As I strongly insisted on these instructions, problems began to arise between Messi and me, and Guardiola had to intervene to solve the problem. Messi and I were not close friends, but colleagues.”

Marquez was appointed FC Barcelona Athletic Director, Barcelona’s second team, on July 14, 2022. He is currently considered a disaster for local fans due to his disastrous performance.

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