DRX coach Kim Mok-kyung “Players, forget the glory of the past”


DRX lost 1-2 to Nongshim Red Force in the 1st round of the 2023 League of Legends Champions Korea Spring held at Gran Seoul LCK Arena in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the 27th, recording their 3rd loss of the season. Coach “Micro” Mok-kyung Kim gave an interview after the game and talked about the overall evaluation of the game and the loss of the game. 카지노

▶Director DRX’s ‘Micro’ Mok-gyeong Kim said,

“We were worse than our opponents in every way, including performance. We won a set, but I think it was luck rather than winning because we did well. Overall, we only saw bad performances.

In fact, during practice, the same performance as we have now . It’s true that we’re not in the best condition and we’re in a state where we can’t show the best performance, but we weren’t this low during practice. It seems like it’s our homework to solve while talking to the players. Also, what are our strengths compared to our opponents? It is that there are players with experience and career, but I think the biggest loss is that they do not show such advantages. I think the players should forget the glory of the past and go back to the beginning. I think it’s a time when we need to be desperate and earnest for each other.

The most important part to supplement is communication. We have different thoughts, so we have to narrow down that part in the practice process, but it’s taking longer than we thought. So, in object fight management, each person has a different look. I think that when you come out of a game, you lose in vain. I think I need to focus on that part and try to bring the players together, make them understand, and somehow make them one.

Both players and coaches strive to win every game. It is natural to prepare with the determination to win somehow, and the players and coaches must come together with one heart and one mind to give feedback and strive to continue good performance in the game. If that happens, I think we can rebound with the Guangdong War as an opportunity.”

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