E-Land, who wants to be promoted, has changed everything from coach to coach and player


Seoul E-Land, which has transformed into coach Kim Do-kyun, has begun a powerful step toward promotion. New E-Land coach Kim Do-kyun conducted his first convocation training at Gapyeong Training Center in Gyeonggi Province on the 3rd. It was a meeting with the players. Kim met for the first time and expressed his ambition and determination for the new season. The training began in earnest on the 4th. Kim expressed satisfaction with the younger and more energetic team atmosphere than expected.
E-Land has made major changes with the appointment of Kim. E-Land, which ranked 11th last season, broke up with Park Chung-kyun and hired Kim. E-Land, which failed to achieve its goal of promotion, assigned a coach who had experience in promotion for the first time. Kim elevated Suwon FC to the top division league in 2020. Since then, he has led Suwon FC to the Final A for the first time in the K-League 1 and achieved residual mission, leading the team’s success era for three seasons. Kim has the power to control the team and strong attacking football. E-Land acquired Kim after a series of three years of deliberations. It is in its 10th year since its foundation and for its first promotion.

E-Land immediately started recruiting “storms.” E-Land, which had not enjoyed much profit in recruiting players, 랭크카지노도메인 has shown a change. E-Land has added a number of quality players by banking on Kim’s abundant personal connections. Judging that he needs experienced players, Kim added more veterans who were recognized in the K-League 1. The highlight is “FC Seoul legend” Osmar. E-Land announced on Wednesday that it has recruited Osmar whose contract with Seoul has expired. It is not an exaggeration to say that this is the most shocking recruitment this winter. Kim plans to use Osmar, who can show off top-notch skills for another year or two, as the axis of defense and midfielders. E-Land has recruited proven veteran defender Kim Oh-kyu and midfielder Kim Young-wook. On top of that, Peter and Park Min-seo, who were recognized for their skills in the second division, were also added.

The team has also made changes to its coaching staff. With new coaches Cho Sung-rae and Park Sung-joon joining the team, what stands out is Nagamine’s tactical analysis coach. Kim searched for someone who could add new ideas in tactical operation and selected a Japanese coach. Nagamine worked in Buriram, Thailand, as well as in J-League such as Urawa Reds and Jeff United.
E-Land will depart for Bangkok, Thailand on Wednesday. E-Land plans to fill in foreign quotas, flankers, and attacking midfielders. E-Land’s challenge for promotion has begun.

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