Even the enemy general acknowledged it… “Completely different from last year”


 It is a good pitch that the enemy general acknowledged. KT Wiz coach Lee Kang-cheol highly praised the pitching of the opposing team’s foreign pitcher, Felix Pena.안전놀이터

Coach Lee said, “It’s completely different from last year,” when the story of Pena came out ahead of the game against the Hanwha Eagles in the 2023 Shinhan Bank Sol KBO League held at Eagles Park of Hanwha Life Insurance in Daejeon on the 28th, Lee stuck out his tongue.

Pena pitched against KT the day before (27th) and had a good fight with 4 hits, 9 strikeouts and 1 run in 7 innings. He cooked KT batters by mixing a fastball with a maximum speed of 152km, a changeup, and a slider.

KT, who had been leading the team in batting average (0.291) in June before the match, was helpless at Pena’s pitching.

KT, who failed to attack Pena, lost 1-4.

Pena joined Hanwha last year as a substitute and recorded an average ERA of 3.72 with 5 wins and 4 losses in 13 games. He went 6-4 with a 3.05 earned run average in 15 games this year. Entering June, he is cruising with 2 wins and an ERA of 2.27.

Losing hurts, but I have to admit that Pena threw a good ball.

Coach Lee said that Pena is pitching better than when he joined Hanwha as a substitute last year, and compared it to NC Dinos Eric Peddy, saying, “I think it’s better than Peddy.” Peddie has been regarded as the best pitcher in the KBO League since the beginning of the season.토토 가입머니 즉시지급

Coach Lee said, “The changeup was good, and the fastball was good. All pitches were good,” he said.

KT Koh Young-pyo, who had a starter match with Pena, also endured with 6 hits, 7 strikeouts and 3 runs in 6 innings, but suffered defeat. Director Lee regretted, “When I see that the opponent’s selection is good, I think that (serval pitcher) should not concede.

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