Growing from ‘the second Kim Yeon-kyung’ to ‘middle blocker Jung Ho-young’


Jeong Ho-young scored 17 points, including 5 blocking, in the 2022-23 Dodram V-League Women’s Division GS Caltex match held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 12th, leading the team to a 3-1 victory. Ginseng Corporation foreign player Elisabeth Ine Barga scored the most with 29 points, but Jung Ho-young’s performance stood out the most in the game. 바카라

Jeong Ho-young was responsible for the team’s 4 consecutive points, recording 2 fast attacks and 2 blocks in the first set 21-17. While Ginseng Corporation won the first set 25-17, the winner of the day was the second set. With Ginseng Corporation trailing by 22-24, Jung Ho-young blocked the opponent’s mother’s back attack following an open attack, leading the game to deuce. Ho-Young Jeong then scored a quick break and reached the match point, 25-24. Lee So-young then blocked MoMA’s back attack with Jeong Ho-young, making the set score 2-0. Ginseng Corporation won the set score 3-1 and jumped to 4th place (41 points), continuing its spring volleyball hopes.

Jung Ho-young boasts a tall height of 1m90cm. Ever since she was in Sunshine Girls’ High School, she has been called ‘the second Kim Yeon-kyung’. With her excellent physique and her skills, she received her expectations. She received the 1st overall pick in the 2019–20 rookie draft and she joined Ginseng Corporation. Since then, she has suffered from a lot of burden and stress because she did not grow as much as the modifier Jeong Ho-young called ‘the second Kim Yeon-kyung’.

After joining the pro, the position was also a concern. In his high school years, he played as an apogee spiker (right), but was weak in power and receiving. In the pro, the apositive spiker is dominated by foreign players with excellent height and power. For this reason, the professional command towers had different opinions on which would be better, outside hitter (left) or middle blocker (center), regarding Chung Ho-young’s position.

Jung Ho-young played left in his 2019-20 season debut and only scored a total of 20 points. In the 2020-21 season, which transformed into a middle blocker, the season was out due to an anterior cruciate ligament rupture. He was struck by lightning in his first game of the season. Jung Ho-young settled as a middle blocker in the 2021-22 season and scored a total of 152 points. He did not perform as well as expected.

This season, Jeong Ho-young has grown even more. He scored 270 points, the current career high, playing 28 games, the same as last year. It easily surpassed his total points scored over the past three years. In particular, he has scored in double digits in eight of the 11 games he has played in since January. On January 25, against Heungkuk Life Insurance, he scored 21 points, his personal highest. He seems to be well established as a middle blocker.

Chung Ho-young, who is considered the next-generation national middle blocker, is ranked 6th with 0.620 blocks per set this season. He stands out the most among the new players in their 20s. Han Su-ji (GS Caltex, 0.796) – Kim Su-ji (IBK Industrial Bank, 0.777) – Bae Yuna (0.769) – Jeong Dae-young (0.729 or more Korea Expressway Corporation) – Yang Hyo-jin (Hyundai E&C, more than 0.729) 0.714) and other veteran middle blockers. Among them, Yang Hyo-jin and Kim Su-ji announced their retirement from the national team, so a generational change is desperately needed.

Jung Ho-young is also good at attacking with height and speed. He is ranked second overall in the fast break category. He is getting advice from Han Song-i, a senior on the team who switched from left to center. He is also being guided by former middle blocker coaches from former coach Hyung-taek Lee to coach Hee-jin Ko. “This season, I feel like I’m making some predictions and blocking,” he said.

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